Monday, April 2, 2012

A Sushi Party

Hi Everyone!

It was another cold weekend here, especially Saturday.  Krumbs and I hung out with friends and visited the Café.  We were searching for something fun to do and guess what we came up with?  We read the article on sushi and decided to have a sushi party!  I know…amazing, right?  We’ve only had sushi once at a fancy restaurant, so we asked to take a trip to the grocery store, bought the ingredients and met back with our friends for a sushi making party!  It was easy and fun to do.  You can try the recipe too.    We made  rolls with imitation crab and rolls with cucumber, carrot and avocado.  Have you tried sushi?  Do you like it?

 On Sunday, I had softball practice and then Krumbs and I spent some more time outside.  We had fun with the pogo stick, raced after squirrels, and rode bikes.  Can you guess which one of us pogo-ed and rode a bike and which one of us chased squirrels?  Having no ice…is nice!  No ice meant the only sliding I did this weekend was “sliding into home” during softball!

 It will be a busy week…I have a book report due and a math test.  Study, study, study…write, write, write. 

Wish me luck and check back soon!


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