Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Happy Hanukkah, Everyone!!!

Krumbs and I have been away for a few days…and we haven’t exactly been very good about communicating, have we?  Well, here’s our excuse—it’s


We’ve been visiting family and celebratingthe festival of lights”.  Every night we light candles on our menorah, open presents and eat yummy potato latkes and matzoh ball soup-mmm, mmm, mmm.  The best part of all is that we spend the whole time celebrating with our family—people and pets!

That means Krumbs, and our African Water Frogs (Yankee and Frogilina) travel all the way to New Jersey to celebrate with our cousins, grandparents and friends—Yahoo!  (Try to imagine a three hour drive in a small car with two adults, one child, a dog and two frogs in two tanks filled with waterit is sloshing good fun!)

So….what holidays do you celebrate?  Do you have any crazy family traditions?  The “sloshing good fun” in the car with two frogs and a dog is one of our crazier traditions.  The family “get-together” with cousins and really good food is one of our nicer traditions.  Share your family holiday traditions at the Café by joining Klub Krumbs. Just click here to join.

While you visit the Café, remember to vote in today’s MY OPINIONpoll.  Today we’re asking, “Who deserves the most dough?”  So, what do you think?  Does the president deserve millions?  How about firefighters?  Or maybe, your mom deserves the dough.  Click here to vote and make your opinion count!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hey everyone…I cannot believe how much things are hopping over at the Imagination Café.   When was your last visit?  Over the past few weeks, the editors have added a bunch of new articles, interviews and surveys.   Krumbs and I found 3 new amazing animal stories on the “Doggy Bag” section, 2 new science and sports articles in the “Weekly Specials” section and 2 super cool interviews on the “Book-tastic” page. 

The newest opinion poll is pretty cool too.  It asks a question that I can’t stop hearing everywhere I go—

Are We Going Over the Fiscal Cliff?

So, what do you know about the fiscal cliff?  Are we going over it?  Krumbs wants to know if he can jump off it, but I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.  I think I’m going to do just a little bit of research before I vote.  How about you?  Have you voted yet?  Click here to let us know what you know about the government’s “fiscal cliff”.

Sorry, we’ve got to go play at the Imagination Café!  (Maybe we’ll “see” you there!)  Check back soon for more from me (Cookie) and my super-duper dog (Krumbs)!

Friday, November 30, 2012


I think Imagination Café author, Krista Noble knows Krumbs!  We were reading Ms. Noble’s article called, “The Knowing Nose: How Canine Sniffers Help Humans” and do know what she wrote in the opening paragraph?

How does your dog spend his days?  Chasing squirrels?  Learning tricks?  Snoozing on the couch and begging for treats?

That is a woman who knows my dog!  I couldn’t believe it…and neither could Krumbs.  He bounced around like a crazy dog, spinning in circles and jumping three feet off the ground!  He was thrilled to think an author really knew him and, let’s face it, Krumbs is a squirrel chaser, a trick learner, a couch snoozer and a treat beggar.

Krumbs is my hero…but he’s not a hero to the rest of the world.  The dogs in Krista Nobles article are real heroes.  The article tells about dogs who risk their lives helping people.  These dogs don’t chase squirrels or nap all day because they have real jobs that involve DANGER!  They sniff out bombs, search for hurt and lost people, hunt for illegal drugs and even help doctors diagnose diseases!

Click the article title below to check out SUPER HERO DOG JOBS:

Remember to check back with us next week for more fun with Cookie and Krumbs!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Yes, it is a good morning.  Krumbs and I have recovered from the very wonderful “VACATION MODE” and are adjusting to the busily fun, never boring but sometimes challenging “SCHOOL MODE”.  HOW ABOUT YOU? 


We’re working on putting on a happy face when we first wake up…but it is hard to get up at 6:30 AM.  My parents say Krumbs and I are young and it should be easy to jump right out of bed…but it’s not.  Sure, we could go to bed earlier or drink giant cups of coffee every morning (sorry, mom!) but we’ve got things to do at night and caffeine is really not good for our young minds and bodies (at least that is what my parents tell me!)

Anyway…while mom and dad drink giant cups of coffee and race around getting ready for work, Krumbs and I have breakfast!!!  Breakfast is our favorite meal and we’re pretty dedicated to our cereal, juice and applesauce (with the occasional hardboiled egg thrown in for extra protein).  We think our super-duper breakfast bonanza gives us the same boost coffee gives my parents.  We are a lot more awake after each day’s breakfast bonanza, aren’t you? 

Is breakfast your first, best brain boost?  We really want to know because right now, as we write this post, the Imagination Café is running another super poll and we want you to vote!  The big question is below.  Click on the question to visit the Café homepage.  Find the "YOUR OPINION" section and vote!

Click, vote, and visit us again soon for another super dose of Cookie and Krumbs!!

Monday, November 26, 2012


“Zzz…BEEP! …Zzz-OH!...BEEP!...Zzz-UGH!...BEEP!...Zzz-Nooo!”
 That is the sound of me, Cookie, and my dog, Krumbs, snoring and screaming as we are shaken from the depths of a really great sleep by the nasty beeping of our alarm clock—yep, I admit it, the idea of being thankful just drifted away because we were so, so tired! 
Was it the same way at your house this morning? 

We’re up now…we’re up!  We’re ready to go to school—sort of, ready, anyway.  We just had such a great five days. We celebrated THANKSGIVING and then we had such a long vacation…great food, tons of fun with family, followed by amazing lazy days.  We felt like we were “Living the Late Life” of summer all over again!  
One of the best parts of the whole week was that I had the chance to go horseback riding twice!  It was so awesome to see the horses again…and Krumbs had the chance to hang out with the other barn dogs.  They raced around, chasing mice in the barn and racing across the polo fields—the whole experience was truly just puppy paradise  for Krumbs!  We loved visiting with our friends from the barn and we couldn’t believe how much fun we had.  Krumbs says he would definitely switch to mouse menacing instead of chipmunk chasing, except there are no mice hanging around our yard.  I think they’re on to Krumbs—they know to stay hidden!

            Have you checked out the Café recently? 
We did!  I found a terrific new poem by Laura Wolfe called A Horse for AnnieMae”.  It is perfect for me because I was feeling a lot like Annie Mae after I left the barn yesterday.  I wanted, needed, "had to have" a horse of my own.  Annie Mae wants a horse too…until she finds out way too much about keeping horses!  Does this sound a little like you, too?  Check out the story by clicking here.

            Krumbs and I hope your holiday weekend was wonderful and we hope it was easier for you to get up today than it was for us!  Enjoy your week and check back again soon…

Monday, November 19, 2012


Quick!  What covers only 6% of the Earth but holds 50% of the world's plants and animals?

If you answered "rainforests", you would be absolutely correct.  Krumbs and I are learning about rainforests in an enrichment program this week--and what we've found out is fascinating!  Rainforests supply us with medicines, plant extracts and foods we eat every day (like CHOCOLATE)! The world's rainforests are home to millions of animals...and scientists are discovering more every day.

So...with rainforests on our minds, Krumbs and I visited the Cafe.  Could Krumbs and I find some fun and interesting rainforest facts to share with my class?  The answer was YES, of course!  We stumbled on the greatest article about a rainforest in....Omaha, Nebraska!?!?!?  Impossible, you say?  Nope...entirely possible and absolutely true.  You can read all about it in Janice Bjornstad's article, "Jungle in the City: The Creation of an Indoor Rainforest".   Scientists, artists, horticulturists, construction workers, veterinarians and volunteers all worked together to create a living rainforest in Omaha, Nebraska!  You can find out all about this amazing creation, from how experts "built" trees to how they protected the animals and the visitors by clicking here.

Amazing and exciting stuff for great minds like us!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Are you ready for an easy and awesome Thanksgiving treat?  Check out the photo below...and be amazed!  These tasty treats use four ingredients and they don't even need to be baked.  What are they?  Pilgrim Hats and they are,, to quote my friend, "super easy beasy lemon squeezey" to make!


Would you like to try them out?  You'll need flat, round fudge striped cookies, marshmallows, chocolate chips and a small tube of yellow icing.
  1. GET HELP FROM YOUR PARENTS to melt the chocolate chips
  2. Put your cookies on the table with the chocolate side facing up
  3. Stick a marshmallow onto a toothpick and dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate chips
  4. Use another toothpick to push the chocolate covered marshmallow onto the center of the cookie
  5. Let the chocolate dry and harden and then use the yellow icing tube to draw a square "buckle" on the hat-VOILA!!!  Easy, tasty Thanksgiving treats!!!
  6. Repeat steps one through five until you've used up all your marshmallows, cookies and melted chocolate chips.
Looking for more Thanksgiving fun?  If you're looking forward to fantastic Thanksgiving football...look no further than the Cafe.  We found a brand new article with facts and fun about football that will impress even the most knowledgeable Thanskgiving guests.  Ready to astound everyone with your knowledge of football history?  Check out Kathy Quatraro's article called, "Fighting for Football", to find out which U.S. president tried to outlaw football, how much it cost to watch a Yale vs. Harvard game in 1875, and whether the players have changed since that very first football game.  You'll find out all that and much, much more....check it out!

Have a great weekend everyone! Check back with us next week for more from Cookie and Krumbs!

Monday, November 12, 2012


No matter where you live, you've probably seen television or Internet news reports about Hurricane Sandy, a hurricane that ripped across the East Coast of the United States a couple of weeks ago.  The photos that accompany the news reports are horrible.  They show houses, boardwalks, streets, amusement parks, and cars--all destroyed by the winds and high tides caused from the hurricane.

Krumbs and I have been thinking about this a lot, partly because the news is so filled with information about the aftermath of the storm, but also because Thanksgiving is getting closer. Thanksgiving always makes us think about the things we're grateful our house, our food and our family, but since the storm we're thinking of those things even more this year. 

All the news reports had Krumbs, my trusty pooch, thinking about other pets.  Who, Krumbs wondered, takes care of all the homeless or lost pets during and after a big storm?  I thought it was a fantastic question...and we haven't stopped thinking about it. 

This weekend, we visited the Imagination Cafe and searched for information about pet helpers.  Guess what?  We found a great article on the Cafe's "Doggy Bag" section.  Aside from a fantastic drawing of Krumbs, this section of the website gives all kinds of information on different animals...and there was one article on the people who help them!!

We found  "To the Rescue" by Vicky Livestay.  The article tells about organizations like the American Humane Society, the Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS), and the Humane Society.  These organizations all help our furry fand not so furry) friends in times of disaster.  The article has information about keeping your own pet safe and links to organizations that help homeless animals.  

Krumbs and I felt better knowing there are people looking out for the animals too.  I can't imagine what I'd do without my best friend, Krumbs.  I love him and can't imagine not having him with me!

How about you?  Do you have a furry, scaled, or feathered friend you can't live without?  You can post a picture of your pet on the Cafe's "Pet Snapshots" section or you can look at the pet photos others have posted by clicking on the pet photo album...check it out!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012


It's time for a little....SLUMBER PARTY!!!  Krumbs and I are having a very cool, very fun party tonight with three friends and their pooches.  We've planned some really cool activities that involve duct tape, pizza dough, and an aluminum foil dress contest--how about that for a little creative fun? (Hint: the duct tape, pizza dough and aluminum foil are for three seperate projects, not the same project!)

This is sort of a "Birthday Party Cookie Never Had" party.  My birthday was months ago, but I never had a party to celebrate with my friends, so this weekend is the weekend to celebrate!  Here's a picture of the cake...I love it! 


We're going to decorate these cool boxes with duct tape designs and then we're going to fill them with canned foods and donate them to the local food pantry.  I thought that would be a great way to help people since the weather is turning cold and we've already had two storms! 

Since we're thinking about cold weather, Krumbs and I were thinking about the holidays too.  We decided to try the smelly ornaments from Brooke Halperin's Cafe article, "Heirloom Ornaments: Smelly or Colored".  We'll each make some ornaments to take home, but we'll also work on making some for a local nursing home to hang all around for the holidays.  We have cookie cutters shaped like gingerbread men, holly, menorahs, christmas trees and candles and we'll make a whole bunch.  Ms. Halperin has a recipe for colored ornaments too, but we decided to go for yummy spicy scents instead of bright least for this time!

We're really psyched for my party.  We'll have a lot of fun, make pizzas and watch movies, but we'll do a couple of things to make other people happy too.  I think that's a pretty awesome idea, don't you?

What do you do to volunteer or help out in your community?  Share with us on Klub Krumbs!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hola mi amigos!

Yes, Krumbs and I are back and learning our Spanish...but we've learned about two animals that are learning even more!  Have you heard about the whale who taught himself to talk like a person and the Asian elephant who taught himself to speak five Korean words?  We didn't believe it, but it turns out to be absolutely true!!!!

Krumbs and I have watched the videos on the internet over and over again.  We can't believe how much the whale named NOC sounds like he's singing!!!  If you'd like to watch the video for yourself, click here.  I put a picture of the whale below.  Doesn't he look like he's smiling?

If you're impressed with the singing whale, you have to check out the talking elephant!  CLICK HERE to check out Koshik, the talking elephant!  Koshik was lonely without any elephant friends so he taught himself to speak Korean words in order to "talk" to his human trainers--amazing!!!  Here is a picture of Koshik...he looks ordinary but he is quite extraordinary!!
(Photo: Current Biology)

Wow!!! This is truly amazing and extremely cool.  Krumbs and I have become fascinated by the idea of animals talking...(he is an animal after all!)  We went to the Cafe and were on the lookout for articles about animal sounds--and we found them!  Kristen Herman wrote a great article called "Animal Sounds" that we loved.  Did you know people in different parts of the world, hear animal sounds differently?  It is true!  In the Netherlands, "qwak-qwak" is the sound of a frog but in the United States, the same sound is made by a duck!  Read Kristen Herman's article for more great "around the world" animal sounds!

Check back with us--Cookie and Krumbs--for more fun facts later in the week.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Well, we didn't have Halloween this year.  Hurricane Sandy pounded up the East Coast of the United States and cancelled Halloween...but Krumbs and I aren't upset.  If you're wondering why we aren't boo-hoo-hooing over our lost Halloween candy, it is because we've been thinking about all the things we do have--our house, our food, our family.

The hurricane caused lots of damage across many states.  Losing power and internet and phones was terrible, but our house wasn't damaged and our family stayed safe and sound.  A tree fell across our driveway and the tree knocked down our light posts, so we were stuck in our house without power for a few days, but we're okay and that's what is most important

We are thinking about all the people who are not fine and who had damage to their houses or had family hurt...and we're grateful for our friends and family and everyone who helped out during this disaster.  There were police, fireman, volunteers, workers trying to restore power, rescue workers, and even just normal kids and animals who pitched in and tried to help.-they are all heroes and they inspired us to help too. 

We volunteered today at our local high school, handing out food and water to families who have no power and Krumbs and I donated our allowances to the American Red Cross.  The American Red Cross is just one organization that offers, shelter, and first aid to people who need it, especially after a disaster like a hurricane.  Right now the Red Cross is offering help across the ten states hit by Hurricane Sandy and we're proud that we could help.

We hope you are safe and that you stay safe.  We've started thinking about people who help other people.  Have you ever done something to help in your community?  Tell us about it at Club Krumbs.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Good Morning!

Krumbs and I are sitting at home waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit the East Coast of the United States.  There is no school for the next two days, the stores are closed, people are boarding up their windows...and the storm hasn't even started yet!  Krumbs is more than a little crazy right now because he HATES heavy rain and wind and we know it is coming our way.

While we batten down our hatches, put batteries in our flashlights and get out our supplies of candles, we thought we'd take a break and post for everyone.  (And let's face it...posting on our blog and visiting the Cafe keeps Krumbs busy enough that he's not hiding under beds, whimpering uncontrollably or wrapping himself around my knees-Poor Krumbs!)  We have a fabulous Halloween activity to is useful, fun to make and incredibly gross!!!

What is it, you ask?  We're talking about EYEBALL SOAP!  Yes, eyeball soap.  We read about it on the Cafe...and you can read about it right here.  The recipe teaches you how to melt glycerin soap, add fake eyeballs and let it harden in muffin cups, but you don't have to stop with eyeballs.  You can melt the soap and add plastic spiders, insects, mini-snakes, or any kind of creepy crawly you'd like.  The finished product makes a hauntingly disgusting Halloween gift, that your friends are sure to love.

I hope we'll be able to go trick or treating...Hurricane Sandy might not let us get out.  (But I'm not telling that to Krumbs just yet!)  Check back on Wednesday for an update on this horrible "Frankenstorm". 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Good Morning Friends.

Today Krumbs and I discovered a great new tidbit of information.  Did you know there are penguins living in Africa?  We had no idea either, until Krumbs came up with a fantastic article posted on the Imagination-Cafe about African PenguinsWHO KNEW?!?!?

When we picture penguins, (and we do, because they are one of our favorite animals) we imagine mega-insulated cold weather superstars, who belly-slide down snow covered mountains and plunge into icy ocean waters.  We don't picture hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters and we certainly don't picture AFRICA!!! 

According to scientist, David Brown, Krumbs and I need to adjust our picture!  In his article, "Penguins of Africa", Mr. Brown talks all about African Penguins...and it is pretty amazing stuff.  Do you know one group of African Penguins is made up of 3,000 penguins living together?  Did you know these penguins live on a sandy beach instead of an icy shore and that if we're not careful, these amazing animals could become extinct?  (We've just learned about them and now...they might disappear?)  Read more about these crazy, beach bum penguins on the Cafe by clicking here.

Monday, October 22, 2012


HolaHoy es Lunes!  (Hello, today is Monday)

Well, I've spent the weekend doing Spanish homework.  I can't believe how many sites there are to translate words from English to Spanish...I thought I was getting pretty good at speaking Spanish!  You know what, though?  I was at the mall on Saturday (without Krumbs--they won't let him in because he's a dog!?!?!) and I overheard two kids SPANISH.  I was so excited...but only for about a minute because I found out I COULDN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD THEY WERE SAYING!  They were talking so fast and using so many words that I was lost faster than you can say, "Hoy es Lunes!" Oh well, I guess I have a long way to go, but at least I'm working at it.

Krumbs and I had some time to have fun this weekend.  We went to the park (because it was a balmy 70 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday).  We played touch football, chased chipmunks and rolled down a grassy hill.  It was awesome and when we came home, we invented a fantastic new snack called "Peanut Butter Surprise"! 

Picture this....creamy peanut butter, sliced bananas, cinnamon, and brown sugar rolled up in a soft tortilla and then heated in the microwave--yummy goodness!  You can check out our recipe and the directions below but make sure to get an adult's permission and help before you use the microwave:

Peanut Butter Surprise: A Krumbs and Cookie Recipe

We love PEANUT BUTTER!!!  Did you know by the time most kids graduate from High School, they've eaten  more than 1500 peanut butter sandwiches?  Krumbs and I learned all kinds of Preposterous Peanut Butter Facts like that one by reading "Nuts for Peanut Butter: The Best Spread on Bread" at the Imagination-Cafe.  The article tells all about the history of peanuts and peanut butter...did you know peanuts were once a food fed only to pigs?!?!?  It's true...check it out at the Cafe!  Do you like peanut butter as much as we do?

Check back with us soon...and try our recipe for Peanut Butter Surprise--we think it ROCKS!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Es casi Halloween!!!


Es casi Halloween!!!
(It is almost Halloween)
Hola Mis Amigos!

As you can see, my Spanish classes are really going well!  I'm learning more every, single day and...I really like itIt is cool to know I'm learning another language.   I remember when we had a friend from Germany stay with us for a year...she was staying with our family while she took college courses and learned to speak English better.  She said she knew she was really comfortable with English when she had been here about six months and something wild happened.  She said she started dreaming in English!!!  She, and everyone else in her dream, was speaking English!  How amazing is that?
  I wonder if I'll dream in Spanish someday!?! I wrote at the beginning..."it is almost Halloween"!  Time for ghosts and goblins, wizards and witches and things that go bump in the night--Aren't you excited?  Krumbs and I are too excited for words. 
We decided NOT to show you our costumes today.  We'll be sharing them on Halloween Night...we're having a party, inviting some friends (EVEN THOUGH IT'S A SCHOOL NIGHT!) and going Trick or TreatingThat seems like the right time to show you our costumes, right?
Do you know Halloween was started 2,000 years ago by Celtic people in France and Great Britain?  It was a celebration of the harvest time, but people also felt it was a magical time when goblins and fairies, witches and mystical creatures walked the earth with people.  EEEKKKKK!!!!  In order to hide themselves from these creepy creatures, people wore disguises
Krumbs and I learned all kinds of creepy Halloween facts by reading Donna Marie West's article called "The Celtic Roots of Halloween"It is a great Cafe article that tells all about trick or treating, games, fires and foods (our favorite!).  The author even leaves you with a completely YUM recipe for Easy Soul Cakes
What are you planning for Halloween?  Are you counting the days like me?  If you need something to help the time go by while getting you more psyched for Halloween, check out "The Celtic Roots of Halloween".   See you soon!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Good Morning Everyone!

Guess what we did this weekend?  Krumbs and I bought HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!  Well, sort of.  Well, kind of.   Well, we looked at costumes, but that's as far as we went-- in the store.  Here's the story...we've been begging for weeks, but my mom has been...kind of avoiding the whole idea of Halloween shopping.  See, Krumbs gets a little...hmm, OVEREXCITED about Halloween and mom just wasn't ready to deal with it.  This weekend she finally agreed, and despite all of the talking, all of the preparing, all of the role playing, Krumbs kind of lost it

We arrived at the store safely enough.  We walked to the Halloween Section and checked out candy, decorations and spooky, haunted lights--so far, so good.  When we reached the costumes, Krumbs and I prowled the aisles...choices, choices, choices.  Should we go mysterious, scary and ugly...silly, crazy and funny...cartoon character, movie character, video game character...or just flat out strange and bizarre?

Who knew there would be so many choices (or that Krumbs could stay so calm)!  Getting a little riled up, Krumbs ran from one thing to the next.  He wanted me to be an evil sorceress (so he could be my trusty black cat), Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (so he could be her trusty dog, Toto), Mario from Mario Cart (so he could be Luigi), and finally, a fried egg (so he could be a side of bacon)!  It wasn't until we reached the end of the people costumes, that Krumbs discovered something that would put him right over the edge.  Krumbs found an entire aisle of ...DOG COSTUMES!!!!!  (I know, I couldn't believe it either--and it was the beginning of the end.)

Would Krumbs become a hot dog, a banana, or a taco?  Could he be a pirate, a superhero, or punk rocker?  Maybe he'd choose to be a fireman, policeman or doctor.  Should he transform into a dinosaur, bumblebee or shark?  Krumbs had too many choices and he just couldn't handle it!  Suddenly, he was spinning in circles, racing down the aisles, howling with excitement and making a complete spectacle of himself
I tried to calm him down.  I tried to reason with him, but he was WAY TOO EXCITED.  Before I could say "Halloween Meltdown", mom had had enough and we left the store.  Without costumes. 
 What a DISASTER!!

When we arrived back home, I talked to Krumbs.  We decided we needed to wait another year before Krumbs could hit the Halloween Sales again.  He was so embarrassed...and after apologies all around, he agreed to look at Halloween things online instead.  By the end of the day we'd found our costumes. 

 I'm going to be a neon purple body without a face--so eerily amazing!  My entire body is covered from head to toe with a stretchy, shiny, purple material--no hair, no face, no skin showing at all!  I'm simply a purple being..wooooooooooooo!  Krumbs will be a taco, one of our very favorite foods.  He has a yellow shell filled with red tomatoes, green lettuce, orange cheese and brown taco meat--yum!

That is the story of our Halloween Disaster!  Have you ever done something you wished you could erase?  I certainly have and Krumbs, well, Krumbs has definitely had an embarrassing moment--and we've shared it right here!  The truth is everyone messes up...even celebrities. 

Krumbs and I visited the Cafe's section called "Celebrity Screw Ups".  I wanted him to see that even famous and important people mess up sometimes and that sometimes, the best you can do is say you're sorry and move on.  If you visit the Cafe, you can read about other people's "embarrassing moments" or "celebrity screw ups".  Reading those things sure made Krumbs feel better...CHECK IT OUT!

That's all for now, friends.  Check back with us later in the week...maybe we'll post a photo of our costumes!!