Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tummy Trouble!

Hello Everyone,

What a week so far!  On Monday night my stomach was swishing around like clothes in the washing machine and boy, was I sick on Tuesday morning.  I woke up with my head spinning like a wind-up toy—I even looked like one because I swayed around whenever I stood up.  This is my second day of no school so I'm spending lots of time lying around the house.

Yesterday, I was feeling so awful I really couldn’t do anything.  I ate some B.R.A.T. foods to help stop the rumbling in my stomach.  Have you ever heard of B.R.A.T. foods?  No, Krumbs and my mom weren’t trying to stop me from turning into a brat… B-R-A-T are the first letters of four foods that help an upset stomach… Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast!  Of course, those aren’t the only foods I ate, but they were a good start for my tummy.  What do you like to eat when you're sick?

Today I’m feeling better, but I still can’t go to school.  I visited the Café already this morning.  I found a really cool recipe for Rice (Krispies) Cupcakes.  I tried to get Krumbs to make them for me since they do have Rice (Krispies) as an ingredient, but he’s not buying it!  The good news is that Krumbs knows I'm getting better because I'm asking for sweet treats.  That still means no Rice Cupcakes for me, but you can give them a try.  Get the recipe right here!

Okay!  I’m off to read my book, visit the Café and get better.  Check back with me soon!


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