Monday, April 30, 2012

Super Sunday Leaves Me Super Sad

Good Morning Everyone.

What a fantastic, phenomonal, wonderful weekend I had.  I played softball all day Saturday...and we won--twice!  That was exciting and fun but the best part of the weekend was spending the day with my long lost best friend, Mark.

Mark and I were best friends and in the same class together when, all of a sudden, he and his family moved away.  And when Mark's family moved, they didn't move a town or two away.  No, when Mark's family moved, they moved three states away.  We wrote letters, sometimes talked on the phone and after reading "Ola Amiga" at the Cafe, we now email each other too.  (That helps with fast communication because you don't have to wait for the mail to get to the other person.)  Still it is really hard not to see each other.

Well, Mark stayed at his grandmother's house this weekend and Sunday we had the chance to spend the whole day together!  It was so awesome.  We caught up on books (he's read the whole "Magic Treehouse Series" over the past four months), our activities (softball for me, soccer for him), and I learned that he is working on a super project.  Mark volunteers at the Humane Society, working each of the Humane Society fundraisers in his town.  Sometimes he sits at a table and collects donations.  Sometimes he hands out information about the group and sometimes he even gets to share stories about the animals the society helps.  Isn't that cool?

Krumbs, of course, loved that Mark was helping animals and he found something really neat to share with us.  Krumbs brought us to the Cafe and showed us  a really cool "Weekly Special".  The story is a new one at the Cafe--I can't believe I hadn't seen it already.  It is all about a girl who participates in a fundraiser for the Human Society!  The story is called "Daring to Try" by Lisa Hart and we loved it because it was about something so close to us.  (Of course, Krumbs had some extra dog treats as a reward for showing us the story.)

It was such a great weekend and it ended way too soon.  Mark is on a plane right now, flying home and I'm really sad.  I've already emailed him twice.  It's really hard to have your best friend so far away, but I'm really happy I had the chance to spend the day with Mark.

Check back soon!


shopannies said...

sounds like a super special friendship I also have friendships that span the miles

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