Friday, March 30, 2012

My Most Embarrassing Moment

Hello Everyone,

Oh boy!  Have you ever had a time when you really messed up?  How about a time when you messed up in public?  Yesterday’s gym class was one of those times!  We were playing soccer (not one of my best sports, but I like to run) and I got the ball.  I turned and starting running down the field with the ball bouncing off my feet.  It was my moment of glory!  I heard the screams of my teammates as I raced toward the goal.  No one could get near me.  I was flying down the field with the wind blowing, the team screaming and the ball rolling.  It couldn’t get any better—but then, it did get better!

I zeroed in on the goal, planted my left foot, aimed, and kicked that ball.  I scored!  The team roared, everyone jumped up and down and I basked in glory.  But wait…where were the back slaps?  The high fives?  The cheers?  It became very clear that I was standing alone and everyone else was laughing.  I glanced at the gym teacher, whose mouth was hanging wide open.  You guessed it—I had taken the ball the wrong way and made a goal for the other team!

So, those screams I heard were screams from my own teammates telling me to turn around.  The reason no one tried to stop the ball was because I was scoring a goal for the other team.  It’s a really good thing that I know how to laugh at myself because there was nothing to do but laugh like everyone else.  I guess you have to do that sometimes, right?

At least I’m in good company.  When I told Krumbs about my most embarrassing moment, he immediately brought me to the Café.  He pulled up “Celebrity Screw Ups” and “Embarrassing Moments” and I realized that everybody, even celebrities, mess up sometimes.  Have you ever messed up in public?  Share it at the Café…I’d love to read about other people's funny mess ups!

Talk to you soon!


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