Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Information Treasure Hunt: Finding Fabulously Fun Facts

Hello Everyone,

I finished my book and started my book report.  I’m doing a biography report on Abraham Lincoln.  I drew a picture of his face on a paper doll shape and added yarn hair and a yarn beard and a tall black hat.  I also turned material scraps into clothes for him.  That was the fun part…now I have to write about Abraham Lincoln’s greatest challenges.  I already read the biography so I know a lot about him, but the Café has some great fun facts I didn’t find in my book.  I’m going to add them to my report for a little extra credit.   Check out the Café’s article on Abraham Lincoln to find some really unusual and fun facts about our 16th President!

I’ll tell you a secret—I kind of like reading and researching.  It’s really cool to find interesting and unusual facts about someone or something.  The Café made the work a little easier this time, but I really  do like searching for information.  It’s kind of like a treasure hunt where you never know what you’ll dig up.  I guess it helps that reading is my favorite subject…enjoying reading makes it fun to dig up the best facts!  Do you like reading and researching or are math facts and equations more your thing?  Or do you like both subjects?

Okay!  I’m off to finish writing up Abraham Lincoln.  Check back with me soon!


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