Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Great Hair Horror

Good Morning!

Ugh!  Did you ever have a day when everything goes wrong?  Yesterday was one of those days in my house.  I woke up really late with no time to take a shower.  I raced into the bathroom and grabbed two brushes, one for hair and one for teeth.  I started to run the hair brush through my hair when I looked in the mirror-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! 

I must have done some terrific tossing and turning in my sleep because my hair was in knots and sticking out everywhere!  It took a lot of yanking, stretching, wetting and spraying of leave in conditioner to get it all straightened out…while Krumbs sat back and tried not to laugh.  I can’t wait until the next time he comes in after rolling around in the prickly bushes—I’ll try not to laugh too!

I made it to the bus stop with 30 seconds to spare after the "Great Hair Horror" and of course, Krumbs was waiting by the door when I came home.  I’m sure you realize by now that Krumbs has an interesting sense of humor.  As soon as we walked in, he led me to the Café where he had a great article up and, you guessed it, it was all about—HAIR!!!  I learned all about how much hair we have (Hint: it’s in the millions!), how it grows, when it grows and the longest hair in the world (Hint: It’s longer than three of me put together!  Can you imagine hair that long getting tangled?)  It was a great article...and it did make me smile.

Krumbs is a little crazy but then again, so am I.   Our “little bit of crazy” is part of what makes us such a great pair!  I bet you have at least one friend like that too.

Check back soon!


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