Monday, April 23, 2012

Keeping In Touch--The Cafe Way!

Hey Everyone,

Have you ever had a good friend move away?  That happened to me earlier this year and it was really sad.  One kid I did a lot of projects and work with in school moved away last November.  He moved three states away, so there was no way to even see him never mind work on school stuff.  We kept in touch writing letters for a while but it took a long time for the letters to get back and forth. By the time I wrote and sent a letter with my news and questions and he wrote and sent a letter back, everything I wrote about had already changed!  It was really frustrating.

I'm thinking about all this stuff because the "Weekly Special" in the Cafe this week is about two friends who are separated when one moves to Spain for a year!  (Geez, and I thought three states away was bad.)  It's cool how the two friends keep in touch and stay friends...with really fast communication that doesn't cost a lot-GENIUS!!!   I can't believe I didn't think of it first.  I'm going to talk to Mark and see if we can do the same thing.  Check out the story of those two brilliant friends at the Cafe.

Talk to you later, everyone.  I'm going to start my letter to Mark right now--It may be my last letter to him!


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