Friday, April 13, 2012

From Bottom to Top in the Cafe

Hello Everyone,

Hey, I don’t feel like my stomach’s a washing machine anymore.  My stomach is fine and I beginning to feel back to normal.  Krumbs is relieved to have me back to myself again too.  We’ve slowed things down for the rest of the week so I can get my energy back  though and that gave us some extra time to hang out in the Café.

Our first visit to the Café brought us to an article on scatology.  Are you curious?  Well, let me give you a hint…my stomach virus kept me quite busy worrying about my own “scat”—and it wasn’t pretty, friends.  Click here to find out all about scat and scatology! 

Krumbs was in a very interesting mood yesterday because we went from an article about “scat” to an article about taste buds in one Café visit—crazy!  I learned some fun facts about how and what I taste. Do you know you have over 10,000 taste buds camped out in your mouth?  Yowza!!  You can see the picture I made of my mouth, but I didn't make 10,000 taste buds!

Well, all that talk about taste buds made me hungry and even the talk about scat can't keep me from wanting food.  I’m going to go get some snacks and build up some energy for the weekend.  It sure feels good to want to eat food again.

Enjoy the weekend and check back soon!


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