Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Good Morning!

Guess what Krumbs and I have been doing?  We've been cooking!  Not just any old cooking-oh no-we're doing incredible, fantastic, better than ever cooking!  Our newest recipe is awesome!

We used the "Scrumptious Crunchy Daisy" recipe posted on the Café as a start...and then we went a little crazy!  We mixed the recipe and made awesome crispy rice cereal treats, but we added a twist!  Instead of flattening the rice cereal treats we went 3-D!  Yep, we rolled them into balls and packed each ball really tight.  Then, we dipped the balls in melted frosting and rolled them in colored sprinkles-YUM and YUM!  They looked awesome and tasted even better.

Are you going to try our recipe?  First, you'll need parent permission to cook and adult around to help.  Then,you'll need to click here to find the "Scrumptious Crunchy Daisy" recipe. You'll have to gather the first three ingredients and a can of frosting and some sprinkles. Next, follow the recipe all the way up to step four (that's the step for mixing the crispy rice cereal with the melted butter and marshmallows).  Then, have an adult check to make sure the rice mixture isn't too hot.  When you get the adult "okay", grab a scoop with your WASHED hands (if you rub some butter on your hands, the mix will be less sticky) and press it into a ball-HARD.  Repeat this step until all the mixture is turned into balls, then let them cool for about an hour.  Ask the adult to melt the frosting into a liquid and then drop one ball at a time into the melted frosting.  Finally, sprinkle the frosting covered balls with sprinkles and let them dry.  Voila!  You've made "Cookie and Krumbs' Super Duper Decorated Crispies". 

Try them and we think you'll love them!  Have a great week!

Cookie and Krumbs

Thursday, September 19, 2013


The air is getting crisp and the leaves are starting to turn.  Guess what time of year it is?  You guessed it...fall is beginning to creep across the New England part of the United States...ahhhhh!

Fall means baseball and colored leaves; chipmunks and squirrels hiding nuts; the smell of campfires and fireplaces and, of course, fall means a return to regular horseback riding.  I LOVE riding.  I LOVE the choppy, crazy rocking horse feeling of cantering across the ring and the "heart in your throat, chest clutching" feeling of sailing over jumps.  I LOVE the sound of horse teeth crunching carrots and sloppy, wet horse "kisses." 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE horses...but I don't want one of my own.  I have watched the owners and their horses at the barn each week.  I see how much time it takes to truly take care of a horse and well, I am just not that dedicated!  I have lots of stuff I need to, homework, sports, and now, horseback riding.  Nope, no horses for me!

I'm glad I learned about the work and time owning a horse takes.  My mom says it is a sign of "maturity"-hmmm, I'm not sure if she's right, but that's okay.  There is a story on the Café called "A Horse for Annie Mae" by Laura Wolfe that I love because the main character really is a lot like me.  It is about a girl who desperately wants a horse but can't have one.  Click here and read about it.

Happy Early Fall, Everyone!!


Monday, September 16, 2013


Good Morning Everyone!

Krumbs and I had a really great weekend.  We slept over a friend’s house on Friday—and we brought an awesome and amazing snack.  I will warn you ahead of time, our dessert is not healthy, but it is pretty amazing!!!!!

We found the idea on pinterest—and it is pretty awesome.  You take a big marshmallow (not the mini or regular size, the really big ones) and you dip it in melted frosting.  While the frosting is still wet, you roll the marshmallow in colored sugar sprinkles.  When the sprinkles dry, you take a mini tootsie roll and stick a toothpick in it.  (Leave half of the toothpick sticking out.)  Hold the tootsie roll and stick the toothpick into the flat top of the sugar-covered marshmallow and….duhn, duhn, duhn…da-a-a!  You have an edible nail polish bottle!!!!!!!  You can check out the picture I drew right here:


It is a very cool idea, right?  Check out the Café for other cool recipes and fun stuff to do during your next sleep over.  Click here to visit the "What's Cooking?" section of the Café!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Have you created a “Homework Haven” yet?  Krumbs and I have made our own little study center so that we have everything we need for homework, right in one great basket. Here’s what we put in our study basket:

1.     Markers

2.     Colored pencils

3.     Blue and black pens

4.     Pencils

5.     A ruler

6.     A pink eraser

7.     A highlighter

8.     Lined paper

9.     Plain white paper

10.   Graph paper

11.   A box of granola bars

12.    A box of dog biscuits


We have everything we need to do our homework…and we have our favorite snacks in case we get hungry.  It is perfect!  Do you have a study center?  You should make one…superfast!  We learned all about them reading one of our favorite back to school articles at the Café.  The article is called “It’s All About Homework” by Susan Sundwall and it is filled with handy tips for creating your very own homework haven!!!!  Check it out by clicking here and you’ll be ready to tackle all of this year’s homework—superfast!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Good Morning Everyone!

We had a great weekend.  We did homework, relaxed and hung out with our friends.  We went to a friend’s football game and we watched a family of deer play in our backyard.  I slept in…but not too late and I took a look at goals for the new school year.

It’s been two weeks…time to think about what I want for the year and how I’ll get there (now that the shock of “back to school” has passed).  I looked at several things, talked to my parents and Krumbs, and thought—a lot!

According Caroline Pignat, in her article “The Power of Goals”, I did the right thing by thinking first.  I decided that I want to get straight “A’s” this year.  It is a big goal and I’ve got a lot of work to do to get there. 

Thinking about the work is the next step in Ms. Pignat plan (after I write down my goal).  I will have to be organized and find time to study every day.  I will have to get my homework done and stay focused in class.

I know my best friend from school has the same goal, so we’ve been talking about it a lot.  We agreed to study together and help each other stay on track.  We’re going to eat right and remember to get enough sleep…even during weekend sleepovers!

Having a friend to help and support me will make reaching my goal easier and more fun.  I think keeping everything organized and focused will help too.  I can do this!!!!

What are your goals for the school year?  Do you need some help figuring out how to set your goals?  Check out Caroline Pignat’s article by clicking here.  Krumbs and I know you can do it, too!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Good Morning, Everyone!

We are adjusting to our new routines...and it is harder than we thought!!!  I am truly, incredibly, honestly and stupendously EXHAUSTED (which I guess happens when you are used to going to bed late and sleeping even later)!  Krumbs isn't exactly exhausted but he is truly, incredibly, honestly and stupendously LOST without me (and why shouldn't he be, since he's been my constant companion during every single late, late night and even later morning?)  It is hard to get back into the school routine...don't you agree?

I think we need to think a little harder about how we establish new routines.  I remember last year, we used an article on the Café to get ourselves in gear for the year...maybe I should take another look. The article was called "Five Ways to Start the School Year Off Right" and yep, I think I need to take a look-FAST!

Maybe I won't set goals today...maybe I'll go to the Café, read "Five Ways to Start the School Year Off Right", and get myself started.  How about you?  What do you do at the start of a school year?  Do you ease in slowly and get used to everything a little at a time or do you dive in fast and soak it all up?  Tell us about it at the Open Mic at Klub Krumbs!

Monday, September 2, 2013


It is Labor Day in the United States…do you know what that means for kids across the United States?  It means that every kid, everywhere, has either just started or is going to start—a new school year!  (Duhn, Da, Da, Da, Duhn…ominous musical notes, right there!)

So…tomorrow I start school.  No more summer.  No more lazy days and late nights.  No more long, empty days stretched before me waiting to be filled with fun.  Nope, now it is early mornings and early nights.  Long, full days stretching endlessly before me waiting to be filled with work, work, workSigh!

Do you remember my end of summer bucket list?  Well, I’m going to make myself and Krumbs feel better.  We’re going to take a look at how much of our summer bucket list we’ve accomplished:


1.      Chasing Chipmunks- CHECK! I have spent many days racing around my yard chasing chipmunks with my trusty friend, Krumbs.

2.      Playing Softball with My Friends- CHECK!! I have not only played softball, but endless homerun derbies, baseball and wiffle ball games.

3.      S’mores on the Grill- CHECK!!!  Yep, we made s’mores three times over the last two weeks of summer…over a fire pit, over a charcoal grill and over a gas grill (that one was not so successful, but we still had chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, so how unsuccessful can it be?!)

4.      Visit Fenway Park in Boston- CHECK!!!!  Not only did I visit Fenway, I went to a Yankee vs. Red Sox game-WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the photo below, which I took myself:


5.      Visit New York City- CHECK!!!!! I did visit NYC and while I was there, I had the chance to see Matilda the Musical on Broadway!  It was AMAZING, I tell you, AMAZING!!!!!  It was as amazing as the book, Matilda by Roal Dahl.  Check out the program from the show, below:
I really did a lot this summer.  I almost can’t believe all the amazing things I did and the goals I reached, which makes me feel better about the summer’s end and the start of school.  If I can make my school bucket list and finish it, the same way I made my summer bucket list and finished it…it’s going to be a great year!!!!!
How about you?  What have you accomplished this summer?   What goals will you set for your new school year? Check us out later next week to find out our goals for the school year!
Cookie and Krumbs