Monday, March 12, 2012

Springing Ahead Left Me Falling Behind

Hi Everyone,

Krumbs and I are so sleepy!  This weekend was Daylight Savings Time so the clocks had to "spring" ahead one hour. "Springing ahead" means that before you go to sleep on Saturday night you move your clocks forward an hour so that when you wake up on Sunday morning the time is one hour later.  That worked for everyone except us—we forgot to change our clock on Saturday night! When we woke up, our clock said 8:00AM but it was really 9:00AM.  When we came down for breakfast and found out the real time, it was a crazy, mad dash to softball practice.  We made it with two minutes to spare, but the whole day felt wrong after that.  Did anyone else have a hard time with the time change?

We spent some time at the Café in “Klub Krumbs” this weekend.  Are you a member?  I took one of the  quizzes and found out I have a great attitude about money.  I spend money and save money in about the same amounts, so I have it when I need it.  I love the “Klub Krumb” quizzes.  Sign up for "Klub Krumbs" and you can have even more fun in the Café.  "Klub Krumbs" members can take quizzes, join contests, and leave opinions on a whole lot of things...check it out!

Talk to you soon.


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