Monday, March 5, 2012

Brain Food For Breakfast

Hi Everyone,

What a great weekend!  I spent time so much time outside with Krumbs.  We went hiking because the snow melted and I also took The Lightning Thief out of the library.  The book is great…can you imagine finding out that you have special powers?  If I could have any special power, I’d want to be able to fly—awesome!

Today is the first day of our state wide tests.  I was really nervous this weekend, but I read an article in the Café about feeding my brain!  (Check out "Brain Booster Breakfasts" in the Cafe.) I learned that a really great breakfast can keep your brain going...and going...and going.  I’m giving it a try today-- it can't hurt, right?  Today’s breakfast was scrambled egg (protein) on a whole wheat English muffin (whole grains) with mandarin orange slices (fruit).  I am full and definitely ready to go-- wish me luck!!

Check back with me soon!


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