Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Tap-Tap-Tapping Mystery

Hello Everyone,

I survived my first day of tests and it was really pretty good.  My teacher let us bring mints or gum to chew during the testing-you don’t get to do that every day in school!  My super breakfast stopped my stomach from rumbling and kept my brain focused and thinking.  It was a good day, so I guess I’m ready to do all again.

Krumbs and I spent the afternoon outside and we’re definitely going out again today.  We heard some tap-tap-tapping yesterday, so today Krumbs and I are going to investigate!  Krumbs thinks a Pileated Woodpecker might be searching a tree for insects, but I’m not sure.  He read about the woodpeckers in the Café and now I think he’s obsessed with them!  I’m going back to read the article so I can figure out more about our mysterious tapper.  Do you think Krumbs is right about the woodpecker?  I'm wondering what else could be tapping in the backyard.  Read the article in the Café and let me know what you think.

Talk to you soon!


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