Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Horrible, Horrible Hiccups

Hello Everyone,

Krumbs and I didn’t make our marshmallow shooters!  We couldn’t get to the store to buy PVC pipe and marshmallows—no PVC pipes and no marshmallows meant no marshmallow shooters.  We were pretty bummed until the warmer weather pulled us outside.  After some basketball (and chipmunk chasing) we were feeling much better!  We grabbed some seltzer water and Krumbs came down with a horrible case of hiccups.

Have you ever had hiccups?  Krumbs hiccuped for a half hour!  We tried drinking water and having him hold his breath, but neither worked.  Finally, I hid behind the house and jumped out at him and even scaring him didn’t work.  Ugh!  After a really long time the hiccups disappeared but it was a really long half hour.

Krumbs and I visited the Café and found a great article on hiccups.  Did you know someone had hiccups for 68 years!?!  Krumbs didn’t think he would make it through a half hour of hiccups and there was a man who had them for 68 years!  We also found out a teaspoon of sugar can stop hiccups—I bet Krumbs would have loved to try that antidote...wouldn't you?  You can learn more about hiccups by clicking here.

Talk to you soon, friends.


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