Friday, March 16, 2012

Cool Cafe Give-Away!

Hello Everyone,
Krumbs and I visited the Café today and they're having another cool give away.  "Klub Krumbs" members can sign up for the chance to win a ton of great stuff from “Ohiya-the art of making friends”.  The company makes the funniest (and cutest) tees, posters and key chains with zombie animal characters—it's such awesome stuff!  I have to have the  “Smooch Rocks, Rock and Rawr” tee shirt.  Don’t forget to sign up for "Klub Krumbs" and register for your chance to win an “Ohiya” prize.

Since we're talking about friends anyway, here's a big pet peeve of mine…don’t you hate it when you let everyone join in your stuff at recess, but when the same people start something new they won’t let you join?  Arrrgggghhh!  That happened to me yesterday and I just wanted to curl up in the corner.  I'm hoping today will be better.  Why do people who say they’re your friends, do that to you?  Boy, am I glad it’s Friday!

Have a great weekend, everyone……


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