Monday, March 26, 2012

Cookie's Cooking And Creating!

Hi Everyone!

I cooked this weekend and Krumbs noshed on my fabulous homemade dog biscuits.  He loves me more than ever after two rainy days spent chowing down on homemade treats.  I made myself the amazing chocolate chip peanut butter burritos too.  The recipes were so quick, easy and fun that I had to add a picture of us enjoying all the ymmy goodness!  You can check out both recipes at the Café.  Do you think you’ll try one?

Ummm…now Krumbs and I need to get outside soon because we’re so full, we feel like we can’t move.  I visited the Cafe, looking for ideas to get us moving and I found Logan’s directions for making a “marshmallow shooter".  I remember getting pinged with marshmallows in the Café a while ago.  There was a lot of crazy dodging and running that day, which is just what we need.  Krumbs and I are going to follow Logan’s directions and make marshmallow shooters and then we'll play a game with them.  I’ll shoot a marshmallow and so will Krumbs.  Whoever shoots the marshmallow the farthest, gets a point.  Whoever loses has to run after the marshmallows and bring them back to the starting line.  Can’t wait!

Check back with me soon to find out about our magnificent marshmallow shooters!


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