Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Jumping!

Hello Everyone,

 Krumbs and I are pretty psyched—the Café has a new opinion poll.  You can vote for the sporting event you’re most excited to watch during the Summer Olympics.  Hmmm…beach volleyball?  Wrestling?  Swimming?  Track and Field?  I’m still trying to decide my favorite.  Krumbs thinks chipmunk chasing should be an Olympic event, but I’m not so sure that would work.  Maybe someday they’ll have a “Dog Olympics” and Krumbs can compete in chipmunk chasing!

 While we’re talking about Olympic sporting events…did you know Double Dutch is an official event at the Amateur Athletic Union’s Junior Olympics?  By Double Dutch, I mean Double Dutch Jump Roping!  We were on the Café looking for more information about the Olympics and we found an article on Double Dutch.  New York City High Schools have turned this chanting, jump roping, fancy foot working activity into a citywide team competition and the Amateur Athletic Union has made Double Dutch one of their Junior Olympic events.  Who knew?  (You will…click here for history and facts about this crazy-fun, super challenging, partner jumping game.)  Would you try Double Dutch or have you already?

Happy Jumping!


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