Monday, November 26, 2012


“Zzz…BEEP! …Zzz-OH!...BEEP!...Zzz-UGH!...BEEP!...Zzz-Nooo!”
 That is the sound of me, Cookie, and my dog, Krumbs, snoring and screaming as we are shaken from the depths of a really great sleep by the nasty beeping of our alarm clock—yep, I admit it, the idea of being thankful just drifted away because we were so, so tired! 
Was it the same way at your house this morning? 

We’re up now…we’re up!  We’re ready to go to school—sort of, ready, anyway.  We just had such a great five days. We celebrated THANKSGIVING and then we had such a long vacation…great food, tons of fun with family, followed by amazing lazy days.  We felt like we were “Living the Late Life” of summer all over again!  
One of the best parts of the whole week was that I had the chance to go horseback riding twice!  It was so awesome to see the horses again…and Krumbs had the chance to hang out with the other barn dogs.  They raced around, chasing mice in the barn and racing across the polo fields—the whole experience was truly just puppy paradise  for Krumbs!  We loved visiting with our friends from the barn and we couldn’t believe how much fun we had.  Krumbs says he would definitely switch to mouse menacing instead of chipmunk chasing, except there are no mice hanging around our yard.  I think they’re on to Krumbs—they know to stay hidden!

            Have you checked out the Café recently? 
We did!  I found a terrific new poem by Laura Wolfe called A Horse for AnnieMae”.  It is perfect for me because I was feeling a lot like Annie Mae after I left the barn yesterday.  I wanted, needed, "had to have" a horse of my own.  Annie Mae wants a horse too…until she finds out way too much about keeping horses!  Does this sound a little like you, too?  Check out the story by clicking here.

            Krumbs and I hope your holiday weekend was wonderful and we hope it was easier for you to get up today than it was for us!  Enjoy your week and check back again soon…


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