Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hola mi amigos!

Yes, Krumbs and I are back and learning our Spanish...but we've learned about two animals that are learning even more!  Have you heard about the whale who taught himself to talk like a person and the Asian elephant who taught himself to speak five Korean words?  We didn't believe it, but it turns out to be absolutely true!!!!

Krumbs and I have watched the videos on the internet over and over again.  We can't believe how much the whale named NOC sounds like he's singing!!!  If you'd like to watch the video for yourself, click here.  I put a picture of the whale below.  Doesn't he look like he's smiling?

If you're impressed with the singing whale, you have to check out the talking elephant!  CLICK HERE to check out Koshik, the talking elephant!  Koshik was lonely without any elephant friends so he taught himself to speak Korean words in order to "talk" to his human trainers--amazing!!!  Here is a picture of Koshik...he looks ordinary but he is quite extraordinary!!
(Photo: Current Biology)

Wow!!! This is truly amazing and extremely cool.  Krumbs and I have become fascinated by the idea of animals talking...(he is an animal after all!)  We went to the Cafe and were on the lookout for articles about animal sounds--and we found them!  Kristen Herman wrote a great article called "Animal Sounds" that we loved.  Did you know people in different parts of the world, hear animal sounds differently?  It is true!  In the Netherlands, "qwak-qwak" is the sound of a frog but in the United States, the same sound is made by a duck!  Read Kristen Herman's article for more great "around the world" animal sounds!

Check back with us--Cookie and Krumbs--for more fun facts later in the week.


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