Friday, November 16, 2012


Are you ready for an easy and awesome Thanksgiving treat?  Check out the photo below...and be amazed!  These tasty treats use four ingredients and they don't even need to be baked.  What are they?  Pilgrim Hats and they are,, to quote my friend, "super easy beasy lemon squeezey" to make!


Would you like to try them out?  You'll need flat, round fudge striped cookies, marshmallows, chocolate chips and a small tube of yellow icing.
  1. GET HELP FROM YOUR PARENTS to melt the chocolate chips
  2. Put your cookies on the table with the chocolate side facing up
  3. Stick a marshmallow onto a toothpick and dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate chips
  4. Use another toothpick to push the chocolate covered marshmallow onto the center of the cookie
  5. Let the chocolate dry and harden and then use the yellow icing tube to draw a square "buckle" on the hat-VOILA!!!  Easy, tasty Thanksgiving treats!!!
  6. Repeat steps one through five until you've used up all your marshmallows, cookies and melted chocolate chips.
Looking for more Thanksgiving fun?  If you're looking forward to fantastic Thanksgiving football...look no further than the Cafe.  We found a brand new article with facts and fun about football that will impress even the most knowledgeable Thanskgiving guests.  Ready to astound everyone with your knowledge of football history?  Check out Kathy Quatraro's article called, "Fighting for Football", to find out which U.S. president tried to outlaw football, how much it cost to watch a Yale vs. Harvard game in 1875, and whether the players have changed since that very first football game.  You'll find out all that and much, much more....check it out!

Have a great weekend everyone! Check back with us next week for more from Cookie and Krumbs!


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