Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Es casi Halloween!!!


Es casi Halloween!!!
(It is almost Halloween)
Hola Mis Amigos!

As you can see, my Spanish classes are really going well!  I'm learning more every, single day and...I really like itIt is cool to know I'm learning another language.   I remember when we had a friend from Germany stay with us for a year...she was staying with our family while she took college courses and learned to speak English better.  She said she knew she was really comfortable with English when she had been here about six months and something wild happened.  She said she started dreaming in English!!!  She, and everyone else in her dream, was speaking English!  How amazing is that?
  I wonder if I'll dream in Spanish someday!?! I wrote at the beginning..."it is almost Halloween"!  Time for ghosts and goblins, wizards and witches and things that go bump in the night--Aren't you excited?  Krumbs and I are too excited for words. 
We decided NOT to show you our costumes today.  We'll be sharing them on Halloween Night...we're having a party, inviting some friends (EVEN THOUGH IT'S A SCHOOL NIGHT!) and going Trick or TreatingThat seems like the right time to show you our costumes, right?
Do you know Halloween was started 2,000 years ago by Celtic people in France and Great Britain?  It was a celebration of the harvest time, but people also felt it was a magical time when goblins and fairies, witches and mystical creatures walked the earth with people.  EEEKKKKK!!!!  In order to hide themselves from these creepy creatures, people wore disguises
Krumbs and I learned all kinds of creepy Halloween facts by reading Donna Marie West's article called "The Celtic Roots of Halloween"It is a great Cafe article that tells all about trick or treating, games, fires and foods (our favorite!).  The author even leaves you with a completely YUM recipe for Easy Soul Cakes
What are you planning for Halloween?  Are you counting the days like me?  If you need something to help the time go by while getting you more psyched for Halloween, check out "The Celtic Roots of Halloween".   See you soon!!!!!


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