Monday, October 15, 2012


Good Morning Everyone!

Guess what we did this weekend?  Krumbs and I bought HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!  Well, sort of.  Well, kind of.   Well, we looked at costumes, but that's as far as we went-- in the store.  Here's the story...we've been begging for weeks, but my mom has been...kind of avoiding the whole idea of Halloween shopping.  See, Krumbs gets a little...hmm, OVEREXCITED about Halloween and mom just wasn't ready to deal with it.  This weekend she finally agreed, and despite all of the talking, all of the preparing, all of the role playing, Krumbs kind of lost it

We arrived at the store safely enough.  We walked to the Halloween Section and checked out candy, decorations and spooky, haunted lights--so far, so good.  When we reached the costumes, Krumbs and I prowled the aisles...choices, choices, choices.  Should we go mysterious, scary and ugly...silly, crazy and funny...cartoon character, movie character, video game character...or just flat out strange and bizarre?

Who knew there would be so many choices (or that Krumbs could stay so calm)!  Getting a little riled up, Krumbs ran from one thing to the next.  He wanted me to be an evil sorceress (so he could be my trusty black cat), Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (so he could be her trusty dog, Toto), Mario from Mario Cart (so he could be Luigi), and finally, a fried egg (so he could be a side of bacon)!  It wasn't until we reached the end of the people costumes, that Krumbs discovered something that would put him right over the edge.  Krumbs found an entire aisle of ...DOG COSTUMES!!!!!  (I know, I couldn't believe it either--and it was the beginning of the end.)

Would Krumbs become a hot dog, a banana, or a taco?  Could he be a pirate, a superhero, or punk rocker?  Maybe he'd choose to be a fireman, policeman or doctor.  Should he transform into a dinosaur, bumblebee or shark?  Krumbs had too many choices and he just couldn't handle it!  Suddenly, he was spinning in circles, racing down the aisles, howling with excitement and making a complete spectacle of himself
I tried to calm him down.  I tried to reason with him, but he was WAY TOO EXCITED.  Before I could say "Halloween Meltdown", mom had had enough and we left the store.  Without costumes. 
 What a DISASTER!!

When we arrived back home, I talked to Krumbs.  We decided we needed to wait another year before Krumbs could hit the Halloween Sales again.  He was so embarrassed...and after apologies all around, he agreed to look at Halloween things online instead.  By the end of the day we'd found our costumes. 

 I'm going to be a neon purple body without a face--so eerily amazing!  My entire body is covered from head to toe with a stretchy, shiny, purple material--no hair, no face, no skin showing at all!  I'm simply a purple being..wooooooooooooo!  Krumbs will be a taco, one of our very favorite foods.  He has a yellow shell filled with red tomatoes, green lettuce, orange cheese and brown taco meat--yum!

That is the story of our Halloween Disaster!  Have you ever done something you wished you could erase?  I certainly have and Krumbs, well, Krumbs has definitely had an embarrassing moment--and we've shared it right here!  The truth is everyone messes up...even celebrities. 

Krumbs and I visited the Cafe's section called "Celebrity Screw Ups".  I wanted him to see that even famous and important people mess up sometimes and that sometimes, the best you can do is say you're sorry and move on.  If you visit the Cafe, you can read about other people's "embarrassing moments" or "celebrity screw ups".  Reading those things sure made Krumbs feel better...CHECK IT OUT!

That's all for now, friends.  Check back with us later in the week...maybe we'll post a photo of our costumes!!


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