Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Happy Hanukkah, Everyone!!!

Krumbs and I have been away for a few days…and we haven’t exactly been very good about communicating, have we?  Well, here’s our excuse—it’s


We’ve been visiting family and celebratingthe festival of lights”.  Every night we light candles on our menorah, open presents and eat yummy potato latkes and matzoh ball soup-mmm, mmm, mmm.  The best part of all is that we spend the whole time celebrating with our family—people and pets!

That means Krumbs, and our African Water Frogs (Yankee and Frogilina) travel all the way to New Jersey to celebrate with our cousins, grandparents and friends—Yahoo!  (Try to imagine a three hour drive in a small car with two adults, one child, a dog and two frogs in two tanks filled with waterit is sloshing good fun!)

So….what holidays do you celebrate?  Do you have any crazy family traditions?  The “sloshing good fun” in the car with two frogs and a dog is one of our crazier traditions.  The family “get-together” with cousins and really good food is one of our nicer traditions.  Share your family holiday traditions at the Café by joining Klub Krumbs. Just click here to join.

While you visit the Café, remember to vote in today’s MY OPINIONpoll.  Today we’re asking, “Who deserves the most dough?”  So, what do you think?  Does the president deserve millions?  How about firefighters?  Or maybe, your mom deserves the dough.  Click here to vote and make your opinion count!


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