Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Good Morning Friends…

Krumbs and I want to wish everyone a

Happy New Year!!!!  It’s 2013!!!

We can’t believe a whole year has gone by already.  We’ve been talking about our NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS a lot.  We think of RESOLUTIONS as promises we make to ourselves that will help make us better people.  When Krumbs and I make our RESOLUTIONS, we think about all the good things we’ve done over the past year and then we think about the things we could do a little bit better.  Here’s a rundown of the things we think we did well and the things we think we can work on…

We volunteered a lot this year.  We raised money for the ASPCA to help dogs and cats and other animals.  We donated our old toys to a special home for children whose parents can’t pay for new toys and we collected lots of canned food for the food pantry where we live. 
 We spent lots of time with our friends and worked hard to keep in touch with our friends who have moved away.  I did a great job keeping up with all my work in school and Krumbs and I helped out a little bit around our house (well…maybe we didn’t help out that much!

Okay. ..Well, we already said we didn’t help out around the house as much as we should.  (Is it just us, or do you think it’s really hard to help out around the house?)
OUR FIRST RESOLUTION FOR 2013 We will try to be better about cleaning our room (me), picking up dog bones (Krumbs), putting dishes in the dishwasher (me), and keeping food in the food bowl (Krumbs).

We learned a lot about healthy eating choices in school this year and we learned about changes that will make our school lunch menu healthier.  We haven’t done a great job balancing junk food with healthy foods.  (Is it just us, or does it seem like there are more junk foods around and sometimes they just taste a little better?

OUR SECOND RESOLUTION FOR 2013 We will try to be better about choosing healthier foods if we are going to eat some “junkie” foods.  We know healthy foods will keep us healthy and junk foods should be “treats” and we RESOLVE to try to remember that every day… and to try not to complain when our school and our parents offer us healthy foods and drinks.  We are going to be on the "look out" for more fun, tasty, healthy foods!

That’s it…our 2013 RESOLUTIONS.  What are your resolutions?  What have you done really well this year?  What are you working on in 2013?  CLICK HERE to join us at Klub Krumbs in the Imagination Café and share your resolutions.


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