Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It is January 2, 2013 and here I lieclumsy, grumpy, sleepy…and desperate to stay warm and cozy in my cave (bed).  No, I am not a grizzly bear, but I feel like one right now.  After two weeks of staying up late and sleeping even later, I have emerged from my post holiday sleep  to the jarring clang of my alarm and outside temperatures of 10 degrees Fahrenheit!  Isn’t it bad enough that I must leave my hibernation and return to early bedtimes and even earlier wake times?  Apparently, not!  Now I must also deal with the post hibernation horror of temperatures so cold the drips from my nose freeze my nostrils shut.

 I want to be a grizzly bear! Don’t be confused—I don’t want to be grumpy, sleepy or hungry…I just want to hibernate in my warm, cozy cave until the temperatures outside are as warm as the temperatures inside.  I want to be cute, cozy and carefree—take a look below.  This is how I'd like to see myself:

Unfortunately, the photo above is not me.  I am not feeling like a cozy, cute, fun-loving grizzly bear.  WHAT? Huh?  Really, Krumbs?   Krumbs is telling me that grizzly bears are not all fun, cozy cuteness…and hmmm, something tells me, maybe he’s right. 

He’s taking me to an Imagination Café article called “Happy Campers”.  The article, by Lisa Freeman, tells all about grizzly bears.  Razor sharp claws as long as a man’s fingers?  Seven HUNDRED pounds of body that moves as fast as a car?!?  Yikes!
Maybe I'm more teddy bear than grizzly bear after all.  But you can check out the article and learn some new facts about these amazing animals. 

HOW ABOUT YOU??? Are you feeling like an angry bear, forced out of your peaceful hibernation?.   Are you just hoping, wishing, praying for a few more precious minutes cuddled up in your cave, catching a few extra Zzzzzzz's?  Me too, but it is time to jump into 2013 with both  of my very cold feet so I'm throwing back the covers, turning off the alarm and going back to the real world. 
So, I'm signing off for now...check back on Friday to see how I survived the (dun, dun, duhhhh...) first days back!



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