Friday, January 4, 2013


Holiday Break is Definitely Over!  I’m back in school mode and ready to get back to work (and it only took two days!).  I feel really good about school and I’m going to work really hard on getting really good grades again this semester.  Krumbs has vowed to help me reach my goal (which is why he is the best friend ever!!).

I realize I need to get organized and stay organized.  I already used Susan Sundwall’s article called, It’s All About Homework”.  I was able to create my own little area for studying and, I’ll admit it, Krumbs created a workstation, too…just for fun.  We have baskets with music (me), dog bones (Krumbs), cereal bars (me), pens, pencils and paper (me), a laptop (both of us).  I do homework, Krumbs visits the Café and we’re both happy. 

What else am I doing? I’ve learned to set goals for the year.  Krumbs and I read “The Power of Goals” by Caroline Pignat.  We learned how to set goals and carry through on them.  (See, I’m following the author’s advice right now by “taking a look at my actions”.)

We also read “Tortoise Victorious” by Jean Soohoo.  Have you hear the story of the tortoise and the hare?  Well, Jean Soohoo’s article is based on how you can use tips from the tortoise to “win” at schoolwork.  Check it out—it 's working for me!

That’s it!  I am on the road to great grades…how about you???  What do you do to stay on track at school and at home?  Tell us all about it!


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