Friday, January 11, 2013


So...are you a monotreme?

Krumbs has been playing on the Internet again, but you probably assumed that when you read my question.  I woke up this morning to that question…monotreme!?!  REALLY?  (I guess you can’t answer the question, either.)

Krumbs took me to the Café, where we dug into the “Doggy Bag” and found an Australian animal called an echidna.  Are you curious?  The author, Clara Batton Smith, wrote about this strange looking creature and she explains the word “monotreme” too in an article called, “Australia's Echidna”. 

I know you’ll want to check out the article, so just click here to see it.  In case you can’t get there right away…there are only two animals in the world that are “monotremes”—a platypus and an echidna.  Can you name the characteristic that makes an animal a “monotreme?  A monotreme is a mammal that hatched from an egg.  (Mammals never lay eggs, but the platypus and the echidna are the only mammals that lay eggs.)

Amazing, right?  Ask around and see how many of your friends, family, or even teachers have heard of monotremes.  Have a great day and check back soon!



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