Monday, January 28, 2013


Good morning!  This weekend my kitchen was the site of “The Great Batter Debacle of 2013”.    What’s that, you ask?  The Great Batter Debacle” will go down in family history as the day I baked completely alone for the very first time, and turned an epic fail into an epic recovery!

It started with a simple request—could Krumbs and I bake cookies, from scratch using a recipe, completely by ourselves?  After sharing some wild looks back and forth, my parents agreed and Krumbs and I made our way to the kitchen.

1.       Half a cup of butter?  Check!

2.      Two eggs?  Check!

3.      Blend with blender?  Hmm…note to selfwhen you use a mixer, DO NOT lift the beaters while they’re spinning.


When we finished wiping egg and butter off our faces and the cabinets and the counter top and the floor…AND, when we’d changed our clothes and put on aprons, we were ready to follow the next steps.

4.      Add milk.  Check!

5.      Add baking powder.  Check!

6.      Add salt. Check!

7.      Add chocolate chips. Check!

8.      Roll into balls and bake at 350 for ten minutes. Check!

Maybe we should have noticed the batter was very soft and runny.

Maybe we should have re-read the recipe just one more time…but we didn’t.

 Could have, should have, would have…it was too late once we put them in the oven.  Before long, we noticed the batter had melted into a huge liquid puddle that was slowly oozing to the edges of the cookie pan and onto the bottom of the oven—YIKES!

I raced to the oven and pulled out the pan…without tilting it.  A voice drifted from the living room.

“How’s it going in there?” Dad said.  “It sure smells good!”

“Fine,” I yelled, tilting the cookie sheet and pouring cookie batter ooze into the mixing bowl.  We’re just absolutely fine!”

While I was doing that, Krumbs was racing through the directions.  What did we do wrong?

Krumbs leaped up and pushed the recipe to me and that’s when I saw it.  We had forgotten a step.  Right after “add salt” and right before “chocolate chips” was another step—“add two cups flour”. 

Talk about epic failure…who forgets to add the flour to a cookie recipe?  We had to think fast and fix this mess—FAST!

We quickly added two cups of flour to our melted ooze.  By then, it really was melted because the hot stuff from the oven mixed with the leftover batter and everything melted to a warm, sticky liquid. 

Then, we mixed…using the beaters…without pulling them out of the batter when the beaters were moving.  Next, we mixed more chocolate chips into our now chocolate batter.  Last, we rolled the dough into balls and put the cookie sheets in the oven.

Eleven minutes later, we removed our now “Chocolate, chocolate chip cookies”.  We let them cool, put them on a plate and presented them to mom and dad. 

Guess what?  The cookies were delicious!  And that’s how we went from epic fail to epic recovery during the Great Batter Debacle of 2013.  Take a tip from me, next time you bake remember to check and re-check the recipe!
See you soon!


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