Monday, January 14, 2013


The fog crept through the morning, stretching its misty fingers and slowly swallowing everything in its path...

Krumbs and I couldn’t believe how thick the fog was this morning.  It felt downright spooky when we went out for our morning walk.  There’s just something weird in the air when everything is covered in a mist so thick you lose each other—it’s a weird feeling that sends shivers right up your spine!  Does fog “creep you out” the way it “creeps us out”?   YIKES!!!!

Of course, if I were a scientist, I would see fog differently.  I would know it was very, very cold last night and, in the early hours of the morning, warm air began to blow in.  When the warm air hit the cold, snow covered ground in our neighborhood, fog was created.  It makes sense, right?  It is not the creepy, spine-tingling fun Krumbs and I felt this morning, but it is the truth.

Krumbs and I have been thinking about weather ever since we went outside this morning.  We read about weather scientists called meteorologists on the Café.  An article on Meteorologists  by Suzanne Jackson is posted on the Café’s “JOB-A-PALOOZA” section.  The article gave us a lot of information about these special scientists and the amazing things they can do with their jobs.

Are you a scientist, a creative type or a mix of both?  Would thick, creeping fog give you the shivers or start you thinking about an outside collision of warm and cold air?   I am a great mix of both types—I love getting the shivers and creating wild and wonderful words about weather, but I also love getting down to “just the facts” and learning why and how things like fog happen.  How about you?

Take a look at Suzanne Jackson’s article to learn more about meteorologists by clicking here.  Have a great day and check back soon!



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