Friday, June 22, 2012


I’m ready to live my life “LATE”.  Are you wondering what I mean?  Today is the last day of school and the first moments of summer vacation are only 5 hours and 17 minutes away!  That’s right—in only 5 hours Krumbs and I will be living the “Late Life” and I really can’t wait.

Living the "Late Life" means everything is late, late, late.  We’ll stay up late.  We’ll sleep late.  We’ll have no schedule so we’ll go places late (and no one will care because they’re living the late life too)!  It will be a life of leisure (relaxing) without the drag of bus stops and school bells, soggy sandwiches and cafeteria food (ugh!), homework and pop quizzes.   The “Late Life” gets rid of those awful things and brings us baseball and ballgames, grilled cheese and grinders, long hikes and lazy days.   

We can’t wait!

Uh-oh!  No, Krumbs, no!  Krumbs is reminding me of the other side of summer…school summer packets and extra chores, our promise to eat healthy and exercise regularly, and maybe, just maybe,  a little bit of boredom.  Ugh…he had to do it, didn’t he!?! 

Well, we’ll be visiting the Café a lot this summer.  We’ll be looking for cool stuff to do, book recommendations, interesting articles to read and new recipes to make and new games to play.  We’ll live the “Late Life” and balance it with the “Great Life”—sleeping late and working on summer packets, playing ball and doing chores, eating grilled cheese and fresh fruit, and keeping busy with ideas and news from the Café!

What will you do this summer?  Will we meet you in the Café?  Join the fun…summer’s begun.  Enjoy living the “Late-Great Life”!


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