Wednesday, June 20, 2012

They're Slick and They Slide, Glitter and Glide...Snakes!

They're slick and they slide, they glitter and glide...what are they?  They're snakes and Krumbs and I LOVE them!  Yep, I know it sounds strange for a girl and her dog to love these silky silent creatures, but we do, we do, we do!  And yesterday we saw the most beautiful snake in our yard.

We were stomping through the tall grass, deep in the back yard where the grass meets the trees.  It was still warm but the sun was starting to sink in the sky and we wanted to enjoy just a few more minutes. Apparently, someone else wanted to enjoy those last, precious minutes of sunlight too, because right in front of us, stretched across a rock with its head pushing toward the last glimmery rays of sunshine, was an enormous snake!

His brown and gray scales glistened so brightly he looked wet and his tongue flicked in and out in the steadiest rhythm.  (I bet all that wet glistening sparkle is why people think snakes are slimy, even though they're not.)  He was so beautiful he took our breath away.  We couldn't do anything but stand there and watch him.

We watched for the longest time, fascinated by this awesome animal and then, with a flick of his tongue and a slip slide glide, our friend started moving.  Faster than lightning, he slipped off the rock and disappeared into the woods.  That's when we finally noticed the sun was down and air was cooling fast-you can bet we raced up the hill before mom noticed how long we'd been gone!

Last night we decided to find out more about unusual snakes.  We visited "Creature Feature" at the Cafe and of course, we found exactly the fierce and fun article we were looking for.  The article is called "Australia's Strange Snakes" by Alicia Klepeis and it is full of cool facts about snakes in "the land down under".  Check it out and see for yourself how amazing snakes can be.

Do snakes live near your house?  Do you like them?  Krumbs and I would love to know!


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