Monday, June 4, 2012


Good Morning and Happy, Happy Monday!
And do you know why it’s a "Happy Monday"?  My green, goopy, crusty, nasty eye is all gone.  Well, the eye is still here but all the nasty, gross and disgusting stuff is gone-thank goodness!!!  Those eye drops were like magic!  I took them twice and the yellow goop disappeared and by the next morning, my eyes were a little pink and a little itchy, but those eyes almost passed for normal!!!!  I am so thankful for medicine and for my healthy self!

Now that I am healthy, Krumbs and I have decided it’s time to stay healthy.  We’ve started a “Walking Warriors” club.  We plan to walk one mile every day that we don’t have softball practices or games.  We also decided to try to eat healthier.  We’re cutting out junk food and making room for more fruits and vegetables.  The Café has an awesome article on odd and unusual fruits called “Scary, Hairy, Scaly—Freaky Fruits” by Sandra Muncaster.  The author wrote about completely crazy fruits we never knew existed.  Did you ever hear of fruit called Durian?  (You would if you lived in Southeast Asia!)  Krumbs and I are going on a fruit hunt.  We’re going to check and see if we can find the fruits Sandra Muncaster wrote about in “Freaky Fruits”…and then we’re going to have a taste test!  Check out the article and see if you can find those wacky fruits in the store. After you've looked around and tasted some common and not so common fruits, share with us…Tell us your favorite fruit!

Time to go!  Check back soon…Krumbs and I are sure to have more to share!


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