Thursday, June 14, 2012


Happy Friday Everyone!

Krumbs and I were thinking some more about our horribly scary story from the sleep over.  We just couldn't get ghosts and goonies and things that go bump in the night out of our minds.  (Okay, the truth is...I couldn't get ghosts and goonies and things that go bump in the night out of my mind.  Krumbs is just fine, thank you!) 

After three nights of nightmare filled sleep I decided that enough was enough.  (Okay, my mom and dad decided enough was enough)  I needed something to take my mind OFF ghoulish ghosties and ONTO some cool and unusual, wonderful and wacky stuff.  Of course, I turned to my trusty friend Krumbs and the Imagination Cafe! 

First we visited the "Quizzes" section of the Cafe--good stuff, my friends, good stuff.  I found a great quiz to help me learn more about myself and...$$$MONEY$$$.  That's right!  I took the quiz called "Money Come or Money Go?" by Shannon Caster and I found out I'm like a bank teller.  Check out the quiz yourself and find out what it means to be a "bank teller" and to find out who you are in the wild world of saving and spending.

Next, we went to the "Games" section of the Cafe.  What better thing to take your mind off the weebie jeebies than a little game room fun?  We played some of our favorites like "Tic Tac Toe" and "Coconut Cabana".  Which games are your favorite?  We like games we can play together!

Visiting the Cafe did the trick!  I had a great night's sleep and I feel so much better.  Goodbye nightmares, ghouls and goblins and hello dreamland.  I'm grateful, my parents are grateful and even Krumbs is grateful.  How do you get rid of your bad dreams?

I hope you have an awesome weekend plannedKrumbs and I have softball, pogo sticking and hanging out with friends planned for Saturday and Sunday.  I can tell you one thing we aren't planning--another scary sleepover!

Check back next week!


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