Friday, June 1, 2012


How do you know it’s a bad morning?

It starts like this…Beep!  Beep!  BEEP!  BEEP!  You slam your hand on the alarm button, roll over and try to open your eyes.  Wait a second!  It feels like your eye is glued shut.  One eye opens but the other just won’t.  What, you wonder, is going on?

You jump out of bed faster than a jackrabbit bouncing in clover and race to the mirror.  And then you see it.  Your face is taken up by a huge, swollen eye with creepy, crawly green goop seeping through the crusty eyelashes.  You can’t help it…you let out a scream—


She knows just by the sound of your scream that this one is serious.  She flies up the stairs, takes one look and says, “Honey, you have pink eye and we’re going to the doctor”.
Pink eye?  You think. How does she know my eye is pink when I can’t even get it open?!?

 Only later, at the doctor’s office, do you find out that pink eye is the name of a bacterial infection that’s also called conjunctivitis.  The doctor also removes the crusty, green goop and suddenly, your eye opens and what used to be white is now, indeed, bright pink.  (And it is so disgustingly awful, I can't even draw you a picture-be thankful for that. Be thankful!)

 That everyone is why Krumbs and I will be home today.  We will spend our day visiting the Café (I’ll share all my new Café discoveries!) and reading entries for the After School Awards.  (Have you entered yet?)  We hope you have a fabulous, goop-free, crust-free weekend!

Check Back on Monday for a Less crusty, Less creepy, More happy, ME!!!


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