Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Good Morning!

Guess what Krumbs and I have been doing?  We've been cooking!  Not just any old cooking-oh no-we're doing incredible, fantastic, better than ever cooking!  Our newest recipe is awesome!

We used the "Scrumptious Crunchy Daisy" recipe posted on the Café as a start...and then we went a little crazy!  We mixed the recipe and made awesome crispy rice cereal treats, but we added a twist!  Instead of flattening the rice cereal treats we went 3-D!  Yep, we rolled them into balls and packed each ball really tight.  Then, we dipped the balls in melted frosting and rolled them in colored sprinkles-YUM and YUM!  They looked awesome and tasted even better.

Are you going to try our recipe?  First, you'll need parent permission to cook and adult around to help.  Then,you'll need to click here to find the "Scrumptious Crunchy Daisy" recipe. You'll have to gather the first three ingredients and a can of frosting and some sprinkles. Next, follow the recipe all the way up to step four (that's the step for mixing the crispy rice cereal with the melted butter and marshmallows).  Then, have an adult check to make sure the rice mixture isn't too hot.  When you get the adult "okay", grab a scoop with your WASHED hands (if you rub some butter on your hands, the mix will be less sticky) and press it into a ball-HARD.  Repeat this step until all the mixture is turned into balls, then let them cool for about an hour.  Ask the adult to melt the frosting into a liquid and then drop one ball at a time into the melted frosting.  Finally, sprinkle the frosting covered balls with sprinkles and let them dry.  Voila!  You've made "Cookie and Krumbs' Super Duper Decorated Crispies". 

Try them and we think you'll love them!  Have a great week!

Cookie and Krumbs


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