Friday, September 13, 2013


Have you created a “Homework Haven” yet?  Krumbs and I have made our own little study center so that we have everything we need for homework, right in one great basket. Here’s what we put in our study basket:

1.     Markers

2.     Colored pencils

3.     Blue and black pens

4.     Pencils

5.     A ruler

6.     A pink eraser

7.     A highlighter

8.     Lined paper

9.     Plain white paper

10.   Graph paper

11.   A box of granola bars

12.    A box of dog biscuits


We have everything we need to do our homework…and we have our favorite snacks in case we get hungry.  It is perfect!  Do you have a study center?  You should make one…superfast!  We learned all about them reading one of our favorite back to school articles at the Café.  The article is called “It’s All About Homework” by Susan Sundwall and it is filled with handy tips for creating your very own homework haven!!!!  Check it out by clicking here and you’ll be ready to tackle all of this year’s homework—superfast!


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