Monday, September 16, 2013


Good Morning Everyone!

Krumbs and I had a really great weekend.  We slept over a friend’s house on Friday—and we brought an awesome and amazing snack.  I will warn you ahead of time, our dessert is not healthy, but it is pretty amazing!!!!!

We found the idea on pinterest—and it is pretty awesome.  You take a big marshmallow (not the mini or regular size, the really big ones) and you dip it in melted frosting.  While the frosting is still wet, you roll the marshmallow in colored sugar sprinkles.  When the sprinkles dry, you take a mini tootsie roll and stick a toothpick in it.  (Leave half of the toothpick sticking out.)  Hold the tootsie roll and stick the toothpick into the flat top of the sugar-covered marshmallow and….duhn, duhn, duhn…da-a-a!  You have an edible nail polish bottle!!!!!!!  You can check out the picture I drew right here:


It is a very cool idea, right?  Check out the Café for other cool recipes and fun stuff to do during your next sleep over.  Click here to visit the "What's Cooking?" section of the Café!


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