Thursday, October 3, 2013


Good Morning!  Good Morning!  Good Morning!  Guess what Krumbs and I did yesterday? 

We went to horseback riding lessons!!!  (Okay, Krumbs ran around the barn playing with his dog friends and mooching dog treats from every rider there and I had a riding lesson.)  It was awesome, as usual, and I had the chance to jump, jump, jump!

It is really scary to jump over fences.  This one was about three feet high.  If three feet doesn’t sound high to you, remember that I was jumping a three foot high fence while balancing on the back of a racing five foot tall horse—which means I was really EIGHT FEET OFF THE GROUND and moving THISFAST!

What about you?  Have you ever done something that feels really scary to challenge yourself?  Here's the thing: scary challenges are NOT DANGEROUS, they're challenging. Maybe your scary challenge doesn’t have to do with sports.  Maybe your scary challenge is about making a new friend, standing up to a bully or answering a question out loud in class.  Maybe your scary challenge is about entering a contest or trying out for a team  Anything that pushes you to try something new or different can be a scary challenge. 

But when you actually finish a scary challenge, don’t you feel like a ROCK STAR?  Isn’t it AMAZING when you do something you never thought you could?  Yeah, that’s how I felt yesterday—ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

If you’re interested in reading about someone else facing a challenge, read “Daring to Try” at the Café.  You’ll meet Emily, a great girl who feels completely overshadowed because everyone sees her as “Dr. Winter’s daughter” or “Madison’s little sister.”  Have you ever felt that way?  Check out “Daring to Try” by Lisa Hart and find out how Emily takes on a scary challenge and becomes a hero!  CLICK RIGHT HERE to read the story.


Have a great week...and dare yourself to try a not dangerous, but challenging "SCARY CHALLENGE."

Cookie and Krumbs


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