Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Good Morning, Everyone!

We are adjusting to our new routines...and it is harder than we thought!!!  I am truly, incredibly, honestly and stupendously EXHAUSTED (which I guess happens when you are used to going to bed late and sleeping even later)!  Krumbs isn't exactly exhausted but he is truly, incredibly, honestly and stupendously LOST without me (and why shouldn't he be, since he's been my constant companion during every single late, late night and even later morning?)  It is hard to get back into the school routine...don't you agree?

I think we need to think a little harder about how we establish new routines.  I remember last year, we used an article on the Café to get ourselves in gear for the year...maybe I should take another look. The article was called "Five Ways to Start the School Year Off Right" and yep, I think I need to take a look-FAST!

Maybe I won't set goals today...maybe I'll go to the Café, read "Five Ways to Start the School Year Off Right", and get myself started.  How about you?  What do you do at the start of a school year?  Do you ease in slowly and get used to everything a little at a time or do you dive in fast and soak it all up?  Tell us about it at the Open Mic at Klub Krumbs!


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