Monday, October 1, 2012


"I have, two, three...THREE fantastic, incredible, amazing and wonderful books this month.  I know, I know, you wouldn't expect me to love to read, but reading and I have a special relationship.  See, I can read the books I have to read for school-and I do it, but then, ALL OF A SUDDEN, I'll have to read a REALLY FANTASTIC BOOK.  When I read a RFB (Really Fantastic Book), I want to read another and another and another.  Before you know it, I'm writing a post that says something crazy like--"I read THREE fantastic, incredible, amazing and wonderful books this month". 

So how do you find an RFB? Well, my RFB's are usually recommendations from friends.  I talk to Krumbs (who really does find the time to do some reading!), friends in school, teachers and of course, I check out recommendations from my "Cafe Friends".  The Cafe has lots of book choices, reviewed and recommended by kids, so you know they're going to be good!  Check out some RFB reviews in the "Tip Jar" at the Cafe under "BOOK-TASTIC"--How many of the reviewed books have you read?

So, are you wondering about my three RFB's for this month?  Well, my first book is called Because of Mr. Terrup by Rob Buyea...OH BOY!  This book is amazing because it gets right into the minds of seven fifth graders in the same class.  There are kids we all know--one kid is really smart, one is a troublemaker, one is a "mean girl", one is a new kid, one is a loner, one hates school and one is super shy.  The great thing is that each kid takes turns telling the story about the year they have with their teacher.  Each kid changes because of Mr. Terrup and because of the awful thing that happens in their class.  You won't be able to put it down--I know because one night, Krumbs and I stayed up for two hours...READING!

My second book is called MY LIFE AS A BOOK by Janice Tashjian.  This book is about a normal kid who hates reading.  (I know a lot of kids like that!)  He is forced to attend summer school and read three summer reading books that he doesn't want to read. 
 (NOTE TO ALL ADULTS: It is much more fun to choose your own books instead of having someone else choose them for you!)
This book gets really cool though, because it turns into a deep, dark mystery and the main character is right in the middle of it!  He has to find out how he is connected to the drowning of a girl that happened ten years ago...AWESOME!
The third RFB is called THE NAME OF THIS BOOK IS SECRET by Pseudonymous Bosch.  It is the story of a girl named Cass and her best friend Max Earnest.  They are trying to solve a mystery involving the death of a magician.  The book starts by telling you NOT TO READ IT!!!  (How cool is that?!?)  The author tells the story, but almost stops a bunch of times, but he eats chocolate to give himself the courage to write more!  It is funny, suspenseful and exciting.  (I admit it...this is the second time I've read this book.  I LOVE IT!)
So...that's all for today.  Will you try some of my RFB's Do you have some RFB's of your own? 
Check back later this week for more news from Me, Krumbs and the Cafe! 


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