Friday, October 12, 2012


Okay, okay, okay, okay...we gave you the dirt on (idiom meaning "the information about") our most awful moments of the week when we wrote on Wednesday.  Strep throat stinks-actually, it really does make your breath smell horrible--but it also "stinks" (I'm using another IDIOM!!! --meaning "really bad"),  But now, we're going to give you "the scoop on" (yep, it's another IDIOM--"the information about") our really awesome , amazing , completely astounding reuse and recycle project-- I think you'll love it as much as we do!!!

It all started because of my old, smelly nasty sneakers.  They are beat up, broken down, battered and brutally ugly, but I keep them to wear when it's wet, muddy or nasty outside.  The nasty sneakers help save and protect my newer, cleaner, less smelly sneakers.  Trust me--it all works!!!
I was hanging out with Krumbs and some friends when I noticed the rubber bottom had separated from the cloth top of my sneakers.  My friend, J laughed and said,
"Hey, you should duct tape that!" 
Hmmm....hmmm...hmmm!  J is a pretty smart guy and well, duct tape does fix just about anything, so we borrowed some of Krumbs' duct tape and taped my sneaker back together.  We didn't stop there--we taped the entire sneaker with every cool duct tape color we could find.  AMAZING!
 Before you could say, "This is awesome" , we were planning a massive "re-work your sneaker" night.  Some of us are bigger and some of us are smaller so we put all of our old sneakers together for a "sneaker swap"-- we shared sneakers, and traded sneakers until all five of us had a pair of "new" old sneakers. 
Our next step was to pool our duct tape.  Thanks to some creative digging around our houses (and some donations from our parents), we came up with 12 rolls of crazy, printed duct tape...and we started to tape.  We taped on top, over the side, on the bottom and everywhere in between.
Check out our pictures below to see our
totally amazing, stunningly sensational sneakers:
I'm not too proud of them, am I?  We actually wore them to school and my friends thought they were awesome.  Would you tape up your shoes? Do you Recycle or Reuse?
Tell us whether you would "do the duct tape".  Tell us what you do to recycle and reuse.  Tell us anything...join "Klub Krumbs" at the Imagination Cafe and let's talk about it!
Check back on Monday for more from us, Cookie and Krumbs...until then, you can find us in the Cafe!


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