Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Good Morning!

It feels like forever since I last wrote...a million things have happened (and some have been really, really awesome and some have been really, really awful)!  Here's the part one on life with Cookie and Krumbs:

Shortly after my last writing, I started to feel awful--achy, awful pain in the back of my neck, sick to my stomach, headache, chills and a monster sore throat.  I was afraid to even look at my throat, the pain was so bad!  Obviously, we called for a doctor's appointment and while I waited, things got worse.

I was shaking so bad everything looked like it was vibrating and when I finally looked at my throat, well, it looked like I had a thick, yellow garden growing across my bright red tongue!  My tonsils looked like bright, red bowling balls with yellow splashes and my uvula (the little thing that hangs down in the center of your throat) was actually stuck to my right tonsil.  No wonder everything hurt!  Disgusting is a great word, but it doesn't begin to describe what I saw in the bathroom mirror.  I think it was worse than the "pimple takeover" a few weeks back.  Check it out in my drawing below:

See?  I went from a volcano on my nose to a multiple volcanoes in my throat- YUCK!
We finally made it to the doctor's office and guess what?  I had a horrible case of Strep Throat.  My mom was thrilled because she says strep throat means you'll be better in no time!  You take the medicine and in one day, you're back to normal.  Hmm...hmm...well, it took me two days, but I did get back to normal.
While I recovered, Krumbs came up with a fantastic surprise for my horribly horrendous sore throat.  He made me Joy Delgado's recipe for Super Simple Sorbet.  Krumbs is the best dog in the world.  He snuggled up next to me, watched a Harry Potter movie marathon and kept me supplied with Super Simple Strawberry Sorbet.  Nothing ever felt as icy cold wonderful as Krumb's sorbet.  I'll owe him forever!
What do you do when you're sick?  What makes you feel better?  Feel free to try the Super Simple Sorbet recipe if you need something icy to numb burning pain in your throat!
Are you wondering about the totally awesome part of our weekend?  Check back on Friday and we'll show you photos from our REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE're gonna love our newest idea!


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