Friday, September 21, 2012


I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and let out a scream that made Krumbs race into the bathroom faster than you can say, "Completely Not Cool".  The problem?  The problem?  The a gigantic, titanic, growth that is taking over the tip of my nose!  What is it?  It is a zit, otherwise known as a pimple, a volcano, a juicer, a disaster...but this is no ordinary zit.  This is "SUPER ZIT!!!!!!!!!!!"

Picture having a volcano growing on the tip of your nose.  It is a seething, angry, bright red volcano that could erupt at any moment.  (Let me tell you, the lava that shoots from this zit is going to hurt someone!!!)  Picture a juicer so large that it will soon take over my whole's alive, I tell you...alive and growing!!!!!!

I wanted to crawl back in bed and hide, but somehow I knew mom wouldn't buy my zit's "face takeover" as a reason to stay home from school.  So...what's a girl to do?????  Krumbs said it wasn't so bad (but I noticed he cringed and looked away...almost afraid of the zit's red radiance).  My mom said everyone gets them.  They last seven to ten days and everyone survives them (so much for staying home).  SEVEN TO TEN DAYS?!?!  REALLY?!?!

Okay, fine.  Here's a drawing of my fiercely friendly volcano.  Take a look and then you can be the judge:
I know, right?  It is really, really bad! (Even Krumbs looks at it with sheer horror.)  Going to school today will be my most embarrassing moment of the year...I just know it.  How do you deal with a big zit you can't hide?  Do you joke about it the way I am in this post?  Usually, that's what I do when I'm embarrassed...I just joke about it right away.

Krumbs suggested I visit the Cafe and read about our readers' most embarrassing moments.  He says I'll feel better when I see that other kids get embarrassed about things too, even things they can't control (like a huge, honking, volcanic zit)!  I did check it out...and it gave me the courage to at least go to school with my head held high.  If you feel like reading some embarrassing moments or if you'd like to share an embarrassing moment of your own, click here.

Hopefully, my volcanic zit will have erupted and quietly disappeared by the time we meet again.  (I, for one, certainly hope it will be gone soon!)  Take care and check back soon!


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