Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Woe is me...Woe is me...School is here and I'm no longer free!
After weeks of counting down, days of school supply shopping, clothes shopping, and super snack shopping, I am actually-wait for it- EXCITED to start school today.  It really feels like the right time and I think it will be a good year. 
The Top 5 Reasons School Starting Is A Good Thing
  1. Krumbs loves our new routine-he snored his way through my alarm, my shower and my hair dryer.  (Unfair? Yes, but dogs don't "do" school)
  2. Three of my best friends are in my classes-COOL, COOL, COOL!!
  3. "One to one computing"-they want every kid to have a laptop...and to use it--all day, every day!!
  4. The start of school means the start of....FALL SPORTS!
  5. I get to see my friends all day, every day.
Krumbs and I knew we needed to prepare for the new year, but WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO? We started with a little visit to the Cafe for some hints and clues.  We found a great article called "Five Ways to Start the School Year off Right" and the things the author said really made sense.  Krumbs and I decided to follow the five steps.  First, we organized our stuff.  We labeled folders, organized paper, set up notebooks and cleaned out my backpack.  (UGH!  We found a baggie with half a jelly sandwich from last year's last day lunch.  It was black and green and WHOA...what a smell wafted from the moldy, plastic edges!  It was gone fastr than you can say "GARBAGE!")  I pledged to follow the other steps too...talking to my teachers, making sure I leave enough time for homework, joining a new club or activity and finding time to hang out and have fun.  (Krumbs and I like the last suggestion the best, don't you?)
What did you do to get ready for school?  How do you feel about starting school?  Are you feeling sad, glad, mad or none of these feelings at all?  Klub Krumbs is the place to talk about it...join us! Let us know about your first day, first week, or first month of school. is time for the bus!  Wish me luck because Krumbs can't...He's still snoring on my bed.  Have a great day everyone.


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