Friday, September 14, 2012


Well, we're ending week two of school and Krumbs and I decided....
We Like School This Year! 
 I guess that really isn't shocking news, but at the end of summer it's really hard to tell how you're going to feel about a new school year.  Think about spend long, lazy days sleeping late, hanging out with friends, chasing chipmunks, and eating ice cream.  You do this for about six weeks and it just feels good.  There are no tests, no deadlines, no homework (except for maybe a dreaded summer packet), and no real time lines for anything.  So you bob along, enjoying yourself and "chillaxing" all day, every day until the one fateful day when the adults in your life break through your hazy ice cream joy and say, "Hey, school starts soon!"
WHAT!?!? WHAT!?!? Faster than you can say, "Debes de estar bromeando" ("You've got to be kidding" in Spanish, my new learning language) your long, lazy days screech to a halt and you are jolted, headfirst into "Back to School Scaries".  "Back to School Scaries" are all the horrible things I've shared over the past few weeks--school supply shopping, clothes shopping, getting up a little earlier every day and going to bed a little earlier every night and the horrible, horrible knowledge that life as you know it will soon change.  The "Back to School Scaries" mean saying good by to to the lazy, lovely life you've lived for six weeks and saying hello to what could be tremendous stress. 
Thankfully, this year I do not have tremendous stress and I've made a big discovery about myself.  For me, "The Back to School Scaries" are not about me not wanting to go back to school.  The "Back to School Scaries" are about me not wanting things to change.  I like when things stay the same.  I like to know what to expect and I like to have my routines (even if my routines are all about sleeping late and being lazy).  See, it doesn't take long to get used to any routine and then it's scary to change it.

I've held back on giving a verdict on school this year because I wanted to give myself a chance to get used to a new routine.  I figured once I was comfortable in my classes, used to my new teacher, making new friends and getting used to having deadlines, homework and responsibilities again, I'd be able to seriously judge whether or not I was happy to be back...and I am!!!
How do you feel about school this year?  Do you agree that sometimes "Back to School Scaries" are more about "Back to School Changes"?  Visit Imagination Cafe and join Klub Krumbs.  You'll be able to use the open mic to talk to other kids about the things that bother the "Back to School Scaries"...or anything else!
Adios!  I hope you are having a great school year!  Check back soon for more from Cookie and Krumbs!!


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