Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sleepy Town Wakes Up for July 4th!!!

Happy 4th of July!  Krumbs and I are marching in the parade later today to celebrate.  Our sleepy, little town completely wakes up for this holiday!  There is a HUGE parade, with lots of old and new army trucks, tanks and soldiers, marching bands (so many!), floats, dancers, baseball teams, softball teams, and football teams.  It seems as if the whole town marches, but then you look around and realize thousands of people watching too.

Krumbs and I love meeting old and new friends, visiting with everyone and of course throwing candy to all the little kids who come to watch the parade.  Throwing candy is the best part for me!  The little kids get so excited to try and catch the candy—awesome!

After the parade, my family and I visit with friends for a terrific barbecue.  Everyone brings something different and my dad cooks tons of food on the grill and we all eat and play volleyball and baseball and just have fun together!  This year, Krumbs and I made an awesome dessert to share with everyone.  It’s called RED, WHITE and BLUE cake and it’s going to be the best cake ever!  It has strawberries, white frosting and blueberries. The whole cake looks like an American Flag!!!

 Do you celebrate the Fourth of July?  What do you do?  Tell us about it!  Join ”Klub Krumbs at the Café and take part in some of the Café Talk, contests and quizzes!!!


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