Friday, July 27, 2012


After our successful play, we needed to RELAX!!!  Nothing says "relax" like a day at the beach, so that's where we headed yesterday...yep!  Salt water, waves, hot sand between our toes, and slick, silky suntan oil were the words of the day.  We played beach volleyball, body surfed the waves and buried ourselves to the neck in sand.  We also searched for sea monsters, but we came up empty~not a sea monster anywhere!  All in all, it was an awesome, amazing day and by the time we drove home, we were ready for some serious downtime.

We had sea monsters on our minds so we visited the Cafe to search around for some real life sea monsters.  Guess what?  We found some great articles in the "Doggy Bag" section of the Cafe.  First we read, "The Octopus: What an Original" by Amanda Green.  (Did you know scientists believe octopi are probably the most intelligent invertebrates alive?????  How about that~an intelligent, real life sea monster!

If the octopus wasn't enough...we found an article by Clara Batton Smith that was about mermaids!  Well, okay it wasn't about mermaids, it was about narwahls (but narwahls are known as "unicorns of the sea")  Do you know a narwahl has made some of the deepest recorded dives of any mammal living in the ocean?  They can dive up to 4500 feet...and their single eight foot horns are pretty impressive too!

One more weird animal you know a blue whale's tongue weighs as much as an entire elephant?  We couldn't believe it but we read all about it in "You Can't Be Serious: A Wierd Animal Trivia Quiz".  If you're looking to test your IQ for crazy facts, try that quiz~WOW!

Check out some of these amazing articles next time you need downtime...and check back with us on Monday for a new adventure!


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