Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Krumbs and I continue to enjoy living the “Late Great Life” and for the rest of this week we’re focusing on one of our favorite summertime pastimes—BASEBALL!   We love baseball and summertime is the perfect time for baseball.   Our “Late Great Life” for the rest of this week is going to be all about “America’s favorite pastime” and we can’t wait. 

 HOW are we celebrating?  Well, the first thing we’ve been doing is following a friend’s baseball team.  The team is competing for the state championship this week- SO COOL!   If they win the states, they can go on and play for the United States Regional title and then, the whole team can travel to Peurto Rico for the National Title.  (Boy, we love competition and you can’t get more competitive than that!!!!) We’ll let you know how they do….GO TEAM!!!

 The second thing we’ve planned to celebrate “all things baseball” is a visit to the Café.  We found articles that are perfect for our baseball theme.   The first article is about the custom of “SPITTING ON THE FIELD”…gross, right?  Yep, we agree—except we learned a lot of history and great facts about baseball by reading “Spitting on the Field” by Susie Yakowicz.  (You’ve probably heard of a “fast ball”, “a knuckle ball” and maybe even a “change-up”, but have you heard of a “mud ball”, “shine ball” or “scuff ball”?  All of them played a role in early baseball!!!)  Of course, life isn’t complete unless we’ve looked at food, so we found an article on the perfect field food—hot dogs!  The article is called “Hot Dog” by K. J. Bain and it has everything you’ll ever need to know about the history of this awesome dog!

The third and last thing we’ve planned to complete our baseball bonanza is a trip to a professional baseball game.  Every two years, Mom and Dad plan a trip to a different professional baseball stadium.  This year is a “trip year” so we’ll be visiting Yankee Stadium to see the New York Yankees play ball against the California Angels-WOO! HOO!  We love Baseball Bonanza Week!!

What cool things are you doing this summer?  Let us know!  Check back with us again to read more about “Cookie and Krumbs living the Late Great Life”.


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