Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, we did it!  The show was a complete success~we became PIRATES for the night. 

I did get over my stage fright (with some deep breathing exercises and some love from Krumbs).  I went out on stage and the words just came tumbling out.  By the end of the first scene, I didn't even think about remembering the lines...I just WAS Peggy the Pirate.  It was AWESOME!!!! (Krumbs was awesome too.  He was my trust sidekick, ready to go into action, fight the sea monsters and promote "pirate pride".  Way to back me up, Krumbs!)

We had fifteen people at the play...and that was just our family!!  They brought me flowers~a huge bouquet of lilies, tulips, roses and a bunch of other flowers and boy, did they clap.  They brought Krumbs homemade dog biscuits, which was just about the best gift they could possibly give to my pint sized pirate pup.  (If you'd like the recipe, click here...your dog will thank you for it)

Well...I celebrated my new found pirate pizazz on Friday night and I learned that

I can do anything I really want to do long as I'm willing to work for it.  I know, I know, everyone says that's true but now I really believe it.  I was on a  stage, in front of a real audience and I ROCKED
I really did something I didn't think I could do and I feel great!


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