Friday, July 20, 2012


Today's the day...I'm ready to go
The play is on and I've got a solo!

Yes, today's the day for the play.  Only five more hours of rehearsal and it's SHOWTIME!  I'm nervous...really, really nervous, but I'm excited and definitely ready to go. 
 What do you do when nerves take over and you've got STAGEFRIGHT

Krumbs and I fought off the fright last night by making last minute adjustments to our costumes and practicing our lines.  (Okay, I practiced lines and Krumbs practiced not tripping on his sword.)  You can see our costumes in my drawing:

We look totally and completely awesome, don't we?  Check out all the pirate accessories!!!!  Even Krumbs has pirate swag!!!

You would think the pirate swag would calm us down a little, right?  NOT SO MUCH...Krumbs was running around in circles (when he wasn't tripping on his pants and falling on his sword) for hours and I just kept staring at myself in the mirror, praying for the big moment to arrive...AND BE OVER!

What to do?  What to do?  What to DO?  Well, we visited the Cafe and read Caroline Pignat's article called "The Power of Goals".  We have a goal and that is to "Break a Leg" in our show this afternoon.  ("Break a leg" means to do really well.)  The author's advice was really good, especially the part about "PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE"!  Well we have been practicing, we are prepared and we will achieve our goal.  We will be the best pirates we can be!!!

Wish Us Luck and Check Back With Us On Monday For Our Pirate Play Update!



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